Zaban TOEFL TPO: Get the link.

Zaban TOEFL offers students a chance to prepare for the TOEFL.

Zaban TOEFL is dead. Here is another TPO web site that you can use:

Please post useful TOEFL TPO links in the comments below this web page.

What is Zaban TOEFL?

Zaban TOEFL offers users a chance to practice online.  The web site offers, in other words, TOEFL practice online (TPO). It is not known where the course creators get their materials. However, since no one outside of Iran is allowed to register to use the materials, it is likely that the course creators  violate international copyright laws. If you been able to use the Zaban TOEFL platform and if you live ourside of Iran, please make a comment on this page.

What is the difference between practice and test mode?

At Zaban’s homepage, you will find 66 TPO practice exercises. In addition, you will find 22 “Z-Extra 1” Exclusive ZabanExam Tests. You can complete these practice tests in “practice” and “test” modes.  Users who choose “practice” mode, for example, have flexibility to begin practice in the reading section. Moreover, before finishing that section, these users can jump to other sections such as the listening, speaking, and writing.

However, users who choose the “test” mode option are forced to follow the actual test-taking conditions. To illustrate, users will begin with the reading section and must finish all the questions on that section. Then they move to the listening section, at which time they must finish all the questions in that section. Further, these users will begin the speaking section, and they must must complete all four tasks. Finally, the users will complete the two writing tasks to finish the entire full-length TOEFL test.

What I want to have my Zaban TOEFL Speaking and Writing Tasks graded?

You will not be able to have your Zaban speaking and writing tasks graded at the Zaban web site.  However, I will be happy to grade any speaking or writing practice tests that you complete. In addition, I will be able to tell you, after giving you an estimated speaking and writing score of 0 – 30 pts, specific lessons that you can study to help you strengthen your speaking and writing proficiency.  Therefore, Zaban TOEFL for  TPO users + my TOEFL Speaking and Writing Feedback Service = High TOEFL Score.

What is the link to the Zaban TOEFL Web Site?

Follow this link:


TOEFL Speaking and Writing Feedback Service

TOEFL Private Lessons

Online TOEFL Courses

Teaching Experience

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  5. Yea, Zaban is dead. However, there’s a new site called TOEFL Mocks that works. I’ve been using it for a few months.

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  7. Do you know the website to download TPO in the form of text & audio files cuz I dont always have access to my laptop so printed materials would be much easier

  8. Regarding the new link you posted, I wondered if you had any tips regarding registration. It asks for a phone number, which I assume is to use Chinese phone numbers and thus keep other users out. Interesting site, for sure.

  9. I am form Myanmar and I want to use Zaban TOEFL TPO. Where can I get the link to log in or register to get the service?

  10. I am from Myanmar and I want Zaban TOEFL TPO. How ccan I log in or register to get the service?

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  12. Hi, I have lived in the U.S. and want to use the Zaban TOEFL practice test. Is there any way to log in to the link?

  13. I figured that something ellicit was going on with Zaban TOEFL. I wonder how long the web site will be operational before someone takes it down. Well, I will ride the surge of interest with Zaban as long as I can. Right now I am in day 10 of the butt-kicking Coronavirus. What a wild ride it has been!

  14. Кристина

    more difficult than whatever set of questions you get on test day. While ETS does its best to make every test equally difficult, a single exam is a very limited set of TOEFL questions. And there’s always a chance one exam could be easier or harder than another. This is why ETS’s TOEFL scoring system includes adjustments based on the difficulty level of the particular set of questions on your exam.

  15. ETS sells the TPOs to Chinese, Korean and Japanese schools. Zaban pirates them from Chinese websites. That’s where they come from.

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