TOEFL Example Introduction

Writing an effective TOEFL example introduction will help you score high.  Moreover, learning this important strategy isn’t as hard as you might think. These TOEFL independent writing tips will be based on the following writing prompt:

A tourist has one week to visit your country. What location do you think the tourist should visit? Explain why visiting that place would be so important. Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice. 

TOEFL Example Introduction: Provide some context

First of all, you should provide some context so that you audience can understand what you are going to be writing about:

There are numerous  places in our countries that have historical importance and are worth visiting. However, I would personally recommend a place that has all the natural attraction that one should relish to experience a rather unforgettable moment of a lifetime.

In the above introduction, the writer raises the topic and then suggests Eastern Saudi Arabia.

TOEFL Example introduction: State your position

Second of all, once you’ve provided some background context, you should state your position, as you can see below:

Tourists coming to my country should visit Eastern Saudi Arabia. In Eastern Saudi Arabia is a place known as Al Ula, which is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction for people across the globe.

Notice how the above sentence of the TOEFL example introduction is narrower than the background context provided before. The writer now states a position about the importance of visiting Eastern Saudi Arabia. However, the writer narrows the topic even more by mentioning Al Ula, a specific location in Easter Saudi Arabia.

TOEFL Example Introduction: Forecast your argument

Third of all, now that you’ve stated an argument, you need to provide a forecast or map of how you plan to defend your argument in the body paragraphs. In the sentence below, the writer states three reasons why Al Ula is worth visiting. Notice how each reason is a specific point that can be easily developed with supporting details in a body paragraph. The sentence below is referred to as a thesis statement in academic writing.

In Al Ula, I would recommend visiting the beautiful Al Ula Heritage Village because of the hospitality of the locals, the ancient Elivent Mountain, and the delicious traditional food they have to offer.

Write your topic sentences based on your thesis statement.

Finally, with a specific thesis statement to forecast the overall plan of your essay, you can now easily write your topic sentences:

1. Hospitality in Al Ula Heritage Village is one of the alluring qualities that tourists will appreciate.

2. In addition, ancient Elivent Mountain is another aspect of Al Ula Heritage Village that tourists will want to see. 

3. Last but not least, tourists will enjoy the traditional  plethora of cuisine offered by the locals in Al Ula Heritage Village such as their special Arabic coffee.

Make sure that each paragraph focuses only on the one point mentioned in the topic sentence.  In addition, make sure that each body paragraph spends about 100 words developing that one point.

  • After topic sentence 1, you should discuss in 100 words why the hospitality is an attractive trait at Al Ula Heritage Village.
  • In addition, you should mention after topic sentence 2 why ancient Elivent Mountain should be visited by tourists. Similarly, you should use approximately 100 words describing the mountain.
  • Lastly, you should discuss the cuisine in about 100 words, particularly Arabic coffee, after topic sentence 3, so readers can understand why tourists will want to have this delicious drink.

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Good luck to you in your TOEFL journey!

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