TOEFL Speaking Practice

TOEFL speaking practice on this web page will help you improve your pronunciation, vocabularies, grammar, and topic development. Then after you practice, you can complete a TOEFL speaking practice test for free.

TOEFL speaking practice

Improve your pronunciation

The first type of TOEFL speaking practice is pronunciation. After all, if the TOEFL iBT human raters believe that you have a distracting accent, you will not be able to score much higher than 23/30 points. The link below will take you to an abundance of resources to help you reduce your non-native speaker accent. Make sure that you practice what you learn in these lessons. For instance, record your voice so that you can monitor your pronunciation improvement: TOEFL Pronunciation Resources

Learn more vocabularies

Without adequate vocabulary, how do you expect to paraphrase reading and listening passages during TOEFL integrated speaking tasks 2-4?  In addition, expanding your vocabulary will help you express ideas during the independent speaking task more fully. The resources that you see below will give you free access to a 265-page vocabulary e-book. In addition, other lessons will help you understand vocabulary strategies to help you improve your English. Follow the link for TOEFL speaking practice to help you improve your vocabulary: TOEFL Vocabulary Resources

Control your grammar

In addition to using a combination of basic and advanced vocabulary, you need to make sure that you do not commit grammatical errors during the speaking section of the TOEFL test. Similarly, you do not want to be limited in any way with the grammar structures you use. You may not know exactly what grammar structures you should practice. However, the link I am providing here will take you to several important lessons to give you the practice you need. I recommend that you write down the grammar structures that you learn. Furthermore, practice saying the sentences out loud to further familiarize yourself: TOEFL Grammar Resources

Develop and organize your response

If you feel confident with your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar competencies, then you should begin learning how to organize and develop your independent and integrated speaking responses. The two links I am including here will give you some mock practice tests with model responses to which you can compare:

Complete a free speaking practice test and get feedback

After you spend a few weeks practicing the lessons from the recommended links on this page, you should take a practice test to see whether or not you have made any pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar,  and topic development improvements. I have graded more than 15,000 TOEFL speaking practice tests. Therefore, I know exactly what you need to do to score 26+ or higher. You can complete a speaking practice test for free right now. I will listen to your practice test, evaluate it, and provide you 3-6 minutes of audio feedback. My feedback will help you see what pronunciation, language-use, and topic development improvements you need to make in order to improve your speaking score: Free TOEFL Speaking Practice Test Evaluation

Choose among several premium TOEFL speaking services

If you find out from your free TOEFL speaking practice test feedback that your estimated score is lower than your target score, I have several services that will give you the TOEFL speaking practice you need to improve.  Follow the hyper-linked text below based on which service you are interested in using:

Good luck!

Michael Buckhoff,

Teaching Experience

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