Elicer uses an Online TOEFL Course to Improve from 87 to 99.

To pursue educational opportunities here in the US, Eliecer moved here from Panama. Eliecer formerly needed a minimum TOEFL score of 90/120 to begin his studies in a university. Having previously scored 87 on the TOEFL IBT with R-21, L-21, S-22, and W-23, Eliecer was only three points shy of being able to study abroad here in the US. Presuming to have conducted a search on the web, it is known that Eliecer discovered and joined Michael Buckhoff’s renowned Online TOEFL Course. Having examined his speaking and writing, Eliecer was not able to neither speak English fluently nor write with proper word choice. Taking this into account, Eliecer was recommended to review Michael’s speaking and writing section to improve his writing and TOEFL score. Respectively, Eliecer came to develop well rounded speaking and writing, in just 2.5 months.

With Michael’s speaking section, Eliecer had the practice tests and lesson plans to help improve his English proficiency in regards to his speaking ability. Having completed various skill building exercises and practice tests that challenged his ability to answer academic questions in English, Eliecer was critically tested in the fluency of his responses by receiving feedback. As such, with a lot of practice and review, Eliecer’s fluency regarding these exercises and practice tests had improved a good deal which resulted in him scoring 24/30 during the TOEFL IBT speaking section.

Eliecer also furthered his academic writing by completing various independent, integrated, and skill-building exercises. This allowed for Eliecer to improve his topic development and sentence organization in writing. Reason being, by completing numerous independent and integrated practice tests and receiving feedback provided by IBT writing specialists, Eliecer was constantly given and told of helpful way to improve his writing. As such, Eliecer was able to make sense of the writing tasks given to him and write detailed paragraphs. As a result, Eliecer improved his fluency in these exercises and practice tests which resulted in him scoring 27/30 during the TOEFL IBT writing section.

In the end, when Eliecer’s subscription had ended and he decided to take the TOEFL, Eliecer scored 99/120 with R-25, L-23, S-24, and W-27. With Michael’s comprehensive course, Eliecer studied hard and effectively to eliminate his writing incompetence. By improving his vocabulary and writing abilities in English, Eliecer correspondingly came to develop satisfactory writing comprehension and proficiency. Like Eliecer, do you feel like you could improve your English proficiency with Michael’s course? If so, think about joining this service to promote your English proficiency.

7 thoughts on “Elicer uses an Online TOEFL Course to Improve from 87 to 99.”

  1. Hi Micheal
    Hi want to get 100 in 20 days.My last score was 78 R-18,L-18,S-23, W-19.
    What should I do to improve my score
    Please guide me

  2. Prakash,

    What is your current score, including subtotals in the reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections? If you can tell me that, I will be able to answer your question about whether or not you will be able to get 85+ in 25 days.



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