Lamya needs a TOEFL Course so she can get a plan to pass the exam.

Looking for a TOEFL course to help her pass the exam, Lamya posted a Face Book comment to Michael Buckhoff, founder and materials writer for “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT”.  He is what she said:

My name Lamya I send you before to help me in the IBT exam , but there was a baby on the way prevent me from doing the exam . I am now stronger than before to do the exam and I believe that you can help me to get a high score , but what I need is a plane , yes a plan what I can study each day cause I have a certain time for the study because I have a baby keep me busy . I am still insist to have a high score , I wish you help me please I want to get in your 7 steps , but I told you I need your help by a plane .

Of course, I was delighted to help her, so I made some video comments to her so she could get started with a good plan to help her reach her TOEFL goals:

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