After 63 1/2 days of completing lessons in her Online TOEFL course, it was judgment day for Julia, for she would take the TOEFL exam in just two days.

Work hard, hope for the best, and put the rest in God’s hands; at least that was Julia’s motto as she was preparing for the TOEFL exam.  But to help God help her, Julia registered for an Online TOEFL Course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.”  “God helps people,” Julia thought “who help themselves,” as she began improving her vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking proficiencies.

And what a hard worker she was!  She completed 1,700 vocabulary building exercises; finished the 50 hour pronunciation section of the course, practiced her grammar by completing sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, and paragraph building exercises; listened to and completed 40 listening comprehension practice tests; improved her reading speed from 175 words per minute to 350 words per minute by completing 70 speed reading exercises; completed 10 independent and 10 integrated practice tests with scores allocated by a TOEFL iBT specialist with more than 18 years of experience; and recorded responses online to 30 independent and 20 integrated speaking practice tests, each time getting scores and recommended lessons from her TOEFL mentor.  Her preparation took 63 1/2 days.

Now it was time for Julia to hope for the best, her TOEFL exam coming up in just two days.  Julia hoped that, while completing the reading section, she would have optimal concentration and comprehension, all the while identifying the different iBT question types and knowing where she could find the answer to those questions. Julia hoped that she would feel relaxed during the listening section and would be able to take notes on the most important points of the lectures and academic discussion.  She hoped that she would understand the independent and integrated speaking tasks and would be able to coherently, clearly, and accurately answer the the questions. And, she hoped that she would be able to answer the independent and integrated writing tasks, using syntactic variety, a coherent organization, and appropriate details.

The night before her long anticipated TOEFL exam, Julia got a good night’s sleep.  The next morning, armed with an apple in one hand and a power bar in the other, she confidently drove to the testing center. After doing everything that was humanly possible, Julie walked up, went through the door, showed her id to the test proctor, and began the test.  Indeed it was now in God’s hands.



1 thought on “After 63 1/2 days of completing lessons in her Online TOEFL course, it was judgment day for Julia, for she would take the TOEFL exam in just two days.”

  1. I hope Good Luck to Julia. Actually if the person is confident with his God, the God will not leave him. just you need to do you best and leave the result to your God (Allah almighty)

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