Free TOEFL Help Offered to Students

Many want free TOEFL help. Some students need to score higher than 100. In these cases, only about 10% of all test-takers can reach this score. Furthermore, other students want to score 26 and 24 on the speaking and writing sections. About 10% of all test-takers score 26 on the speaking section. Around 20% of students reach writing subtotals scores of 24.  As a result, you may want to get free TOEFL help.

Free TOEFL Help
Free TOEFL Help

Free TOEFL Help: Complete speaking practice test.

You are reading this because you want to get TOEFL help with your speaking, right? Look at the below prompt. Take a few seconds to prepare a response. Then send me a 45 second audio file of what you said.

Speaking prompt: If you were to move to another city, which city would you choose.

Send me an e-mail ( with the following information:

Dear Michael,

Attached to this e-mail is my free TOEFL speaking practice test. I answered the following task: If you were to move to another city, which city would you choose.

Please score my practice test from 0 – 30 points. In addition, can you tell me any delivery, language use, and topic development problems that I have?


First and last name

Free TOEFL Help: Take writing practice test.

Another way to get free TOEFL help is by completing a free writing practice test. You can complete either a free independent or integrated writing practice right. Your TOEFL writing mentor will help you to understand what your estimated writing score is right now. Also, your mentor will tell you what types of writing issues are holding your score down. Take a free writing practice test right now.

Free TOEFL Help: Complete diagnostic grammar practice test.

Do you know what your grammar strengths and weaknesses are?  Do you know which areas of your grammar you should improve so that you can speak and write with greater accuracy?  If not,  take this 23 question grammar quiz right now.

Free TOEFL Help: Get accurate reading speed to find out if you are ready to take the TOEFL iBT.

Your reading speed is arguably the single most important skill that you need for the TOEFL.  To complete the reading, speaking, and writing sections of the exam, you need to have a reading speed of about 300 words per minute. Do you know what your reading speed is?  Find out right now.

Free TOEFL Help: Get a TOEFL study plan to meet your dream score and subtotal scores.

If you plan your TOEFL strategies, have the right study schedule focusing on the right areas, and set realistic goals, you will be well on your way to getting your target score.  However, without the right TOEFL study plan based on your current English abilities, you may end up in TOEFL hell.  Therefore, I will use my 25 years of experience as a TOEFL teacher to help you get on track. That way you will not need to take and retake the TOEFL exam dozens of times before you pass. Please send me the following information, after which I recommend a specific plan to help you improve:

Dear Michael,

My current TOEFL score is ____/120. Here are my subtotal scores: R____ , L_____, S_____, and W____.

However, I need a TOEFL score of ____/120. In addition, here are my subtotal target scores: R____ , L_____, S_____, and W____.

Please recommend a specific TOEFL study plan to help me reach my goals.


First, Last Name

If you have not taken the TOEFL before, you will need to complete a full-length four hour TOEFL exam.  Email me if you want me to recommend my partner web site which offers accurate, realistic practice tests.

Good luck!

Michael Buckhoff,

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