Yusuf joins an Online TOEFL Course to improve his writing.

“Hi Michael,

This is Yusuf from Taiwan; I’ve taken several Toefl tests before, but every time I got a low speaking score. In my most recent test, I got low score of 76 with R20, L16, S18, and W22. In speaking, I need at least 25 on this part; could you please give me some advice about this part? I will try to post one practice for each day, could you please help me to evaluate it? Moreover, my problem with writing is that I can’t come up with ideas, because I have very little knowledge about the writing`s topics and I can’t think of anything to write. What can I do to practice writing?


Best regards


Upon Evaluating Yusuf’s message in Michael’s own Online TOEFL Course: “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” Michael helped Yusuf by recommending to him helpful Speak Clearly Lesson Plans and exercises with comprehensive practice tests to strengthen his academic speaking proficiency. Moreover, as far as improving Yusuf’s writing abilities, Michael was there to recommend writing, grammar, and research exercises, which improves one’s academic writing skillfulness.

With lesson plans like these, Yusuf will understand what he is being taught because, by learning the content within these lessons, it will better acquaint him with the rigors of academic speaking and writing, thereby better preparing him for the independent and integrated sections of the TOEFL iBT. Above all, he will also learn to minimize the frequency of speaking and writing errors that he is making when he speaks and writes English.

Because of Michael’s initial comment’s, Yusuf had already taken the steps towards improving his speaking and writing score. With a variety of comprehensive lessons, Yusuf had begun to show steady improvement within weeks and roughly two months later, Yusuf expanded his academic speaking and writing abilities such that he acquired skills that were notably different from his initial results within the course.

Likewise, when Yusuf decided to attempt other lessons and exercises within the course like reading and listening, he eventually showed he was in it to win it. Case in point, after some initial reading and listening misconceptions, Yusuf began to really improve his skills with time and by studying exercises with new material, he couldn’t help but better his reading and listening abilities. Because of this, in the end, it seemed Yusuf had felt ready enough to take the TOEFL because he notified Michael with his new TOEFL iBT score and ended up scoring 95 with R24, L22, S25, and W24! Want similar results? Then join Michael’s course and see your academic English improve.

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