Step 6: Target and Improve Your TOEFL Writing Weaknesses

Lesson 3

Step 6 – Target and Improve Your Writing Weaknesses

The sixth step to successfully pass the TOEFL iBT Exam is to gain competence in independent and integrated writing skills: decoding the writing task, organizing a coherent response, writing detailed developmental paragraphs, and ending the essay with a conclusion. Without an organized approach to these writing tasks, students often write incoherent essays, and, in the case of the integrated writing tasks, they do not coherently and accurately connect the reading and listening passages together. But this will not happen to you, will it?

“What is TOEFL Writing Lesson 3 all about?”

In TOEFL Writing Lessons 1 and 2, you learned prewriting strategies and how you should structure your introduction so that it leads to a sharply-focused thesis.  In TOEFL Writing Lesson 3, you will  get a pdf file containing 45 sample essays of  TOEFL iBT independent writing tasks.

“Forty-five sample essays?  Why do I need sample essays?”

A huge amount of research suggests that there is a strong connection between reading and writing; therefore, if you read “model” essays of TOEFL iBT independent writing tasks, you can implicitly learn how to organize your own writing tasks since the “model” essays demonstrate how to write effectively, including….

1.  Writing a strong introduction leading to a sharply-focused thesis.

2.  Using coherent topic sentences which restate one of the key points in the thesis.

3.  Supporting generalizations with specific details based on personal experience or the experience of others.

3.  Using advanced grammar and vocabulary.

“Where did you get the writing prompts from?”

Good question!!  I got them straight from the horse’s mouth–Education Testing Service at  You see, when you take the TOEFL iBT, ETS chooses from among 187 writing prompts.  These are 45 of the 187 writing prompts that ETS uses during TOEFL iBT independent writing.  So, I guess you can say there is a 25% chance that you MAY have to write a response to one of these writing prompts.

“What do I do once I download and open the pdf file containing 45 sample essays?”

What do resident doctors do when they get a new cadaver (dead body) during medical class?  They operate on it to learn how the human body is constructed!  I know it sounds gross, but it is true.

And that is exactly what you need to do when you begin to study these sample essays.  You need to spend time analyzing each essay by doing several steps:

1.  Copy each essay (word for word) onto your note-book paper so you can get a feel for how the essay is constructed.

2.  Then identify the thesis in the introduction, then the topic sentences, then the supporting details, and so on.  You get the picture.

3.  Identify unfamiliar vocabulary words in the sample essays and begin keeping a vocabulary journal. Pay close attention to HOW these unfamiliar words are used.

4.  Identify the sentence structures used, for example, simple, compound, and complex types.

5.  Look for “organizational” words the writer uses to coherently connect ideas together.

6.   Without looking at the original, practice writing a response to each writing task.  Compare your response to the “model” response.

I guarantee you that, if you implement these six steps into your regular TOEFL writing routine, you will improve your writing skills.  So, buy this lesson so you can begin practicing these steps today.

“Can I see a sample response to one of the writing prompts?”

Yep, try before you buy.  I understand what you want.  Click on this link: prompt response 45.   If you write a response similar to what you just viewed, you will get 30/30 on the independent writing task of the TOEFL iBT, or my name is NOT Michael Buckhoff.

“Sounds good!!! I think I will be very busy if I buy this lesson.”

Yep, you will, but think about how high your TOEFL iBT writing score will be if you take TOEFL Writing Lesson 3.  And, consider this, as an incentive for you to get this lesson today, I am going to throw in some bonus materials.

“Bonus material!  Cool!  What else will you include with this lesson?”

I am going to give you additional materials (both in video and in written form) to help you improve your TOEFL iBT independent writing skills):

1. Understand Thesis Statements  (Video)

2. Be More Concise (Video)

3. Create Compound and Complex Sentences (Video)

4. Improve your Writing by Following Five Steps (Written)

5. Learn Six Practice Exercises to Improve your Writing (Video)

6. Learn How to Be More Coherent (Written)

7. Five Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself (Written)

“And that’s not all!  There is more bonus material if you buy this lesson today!”

As part of a complete package for TOEFL Writing Lesson 3, you will also get five test-taking strategies that you should follow when you take the writing section of the TOEFL iBT. You can practice following these strategies as you write responses to the 45 writing prompts in this lesson.

Buy TOEFL Writing Lesson 3 today, and you will get more than45 hours of writing practice:  45 writing prompts, 45 model responses, 3 free writing videos, and three free mini-writing lessons.   You can improve your writing skills!  You will improve if you buy this lesson!

**Once you purchase this lesson, Pay Pal will redirect you to a web page in which you will get your lesson information. The entire buying process is automated.**

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