Ivan uses an Online TOEFL course to score 26 and 24 on speaking and writing sections.

What did Ivan lack you may ask? Ivan had well rounded writing, listening, and reading skills but did not have a solid speaking foundation. Wishing to know which study material is best for him, Ivan joined Michael’s Online TOEFL Course “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” to improve his speaking competencies and pronunciation in English. However, working in the morning for 7 hours and having 3 master’s classes weekly during this time period, Ivan needed to manage his time in order to improve his speaking mastery. For this reason, he was recommended to review Michael’s pronunciation and speaking sections for two months.

In order for Ivan to have built a well rounded approach to pronunciation, Ivan learned to speak English without clumsy pauses and unclear pronunciation. How so? Ivan had assorted pronunciation lessons addressing and improving his pronunciation inaccuracies. Consequently, students like Ivan learned to build a broad practice with constant and vowel sounds. Furthermore, Ivan learned an instruction in the stress, intonation, and pausing of varied words and expressions. Thus as a result, Ivan improved his English pronunciation with an importance to pronunciation and fluency.

In order for Ivan to have built a coordinated approach to speaking, Ivan learned to address the integrated and independent speaking sections knowingly. How so? Ivan had assorted speaking lessons with independent and integrated practice tests, plus varied skill-building exercises marking and improving his speaking inaccuracies. Consequently, students like Ivan learned competent speaking skills such as figuring out the speaking task, formulating a coherent response, delivering rich details in the body of the speech, and concluding with a final statement. Thus as a result, Ivan improved his speaking in English with an importance to speaking and organization.

Ultimately, a true sense of accomplishment occurs when one acquires his or her goals. Because of this course, Ivan benefitted from what it took to improve his English understanding in speaking. Thus after three months of Ivan’s enrollment and constant review, Ivan reported back a TOEFL score from originally 21/30 in speaking- to 98 overall with R-23, L- 25, S-26, and W- 24. Ivan seriously excelled in his speaking proficiencies which taught him a developed approach to speaking and his pronunciation skills, all while enrolled in Michael’s course. Although most importantly, how did Ivan benefit? Ivan’s speaking abilities have improved for many years to come with Michael’s pronunciation and speaking sections. Like Ivan, consider joining to accomplish your immediate TOEFL goals.

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