TOEFL Speaking question 6 part 1 (4 samples)

Michael Buckhoff’s “7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT


Here are 3 samples of the TOEFL ibt Speaking question 6. In this question, you are asked to summarize a lecture on an academic topic. From my experience as a teacher, this is one of the hardest questions in the entire test, as it puts your note taking abilities to a test. You have to make sure that you take as much notes as you can, so that when the time to prepare comes, you have a lot of material to work with. As wit all the other questions, you will only hear the lecture once, so it is imperative that you take notes. Most of the time, the lecture provides you with two examples, studies, life experiences etc. Your job is to summarize 1: The main idea of the lecture 2: the two examples provided by the lecturer. 3: Some of the supporting details provided by the professor. You should also try to summarize by paraphrasing the content of the lecture. That is to say find other ways to say the same thing as the professor did. This is supposed to demonstrate your ability to retell information using your own words. So in other words, don’t repeat integrally what the lecturer has said. I wish you the best of luck!!! Here is the link to the PDF speaking scoring grid It will give you a good idea of what they use to grade you

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Michael Buckhoff’s “7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT


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23 thoughts on “TOEFL Speaking question 6 part 1 (4 samples)”

  1. @thegirlintube Exactly, and I couldn’t help to feel a little frustrated when I compared my answer with video’s sample, I really think this test was created not only to prove the English proficiency of foreign students, but also to take a huge amount of money from every single student, it must be a really good business for them!!!

  2. My biggest problem in question #6 is paraphrasing. I always go blank when it comes to making up my own way of saying.

  3. @danielitaiyta I think the sample answers were perfect. They show us the proper way to answer the question to get a high score. I understand what you mean though. They’re not very encouraging for us who don’t speak English proficiently, and they’re quite unrealistic to be that perfect answers.

  4. @1564mauricio i got the exactly the same Problem I feel like my mind is going to blow off in 2 seconds –

  5. thanks for all affect and cooprations but , if you do not mind you can put some esiuer
    than caltiouer

  6. The preparation time provided is 20 secs and Not 30 secs,I guess in this video it is mentioned as 30 secs . ..

  7. I understood everything but I cannot record the information in my mind in order to give a little review, it is very frustrating.

  8. I Bet that even a fluent english speaker will also gonna have trouble listining to this cuz they are speaking soo frekkin fast ! I hope that we do well in exam…

  9. Good videos…But if in the real test. if the Toefl evaluators are expecting the student to speak with the same fluently of the sample speak, they are wasting time. In this sample the student have a perfect peaking performance like a native English speaker who does not need to take the Toefl test. I think that examples should be more realistic as the examples of the Toefl CD. ( comes with the book) Remember that this test is taken by students of many different countries.

  10. @prigatdevisine I have the same feeling. My Toefl test is starting to become a challenge for me. My test will be tomorrow!!

  11. ouliogrove, how can I improve my score.? I need 26..I’ve taken this exam several times and I get only 24,23,22 in speaking, I kept practicing, recording my voice and meeting one on one volunteer tutors.I work in a customer service retail store and I speak English all the time.. Please help! Thanks.

  12. @mynikks:Can I ask some tips also, I took iBT 3x already but my speaking part always gets score of 22.. I am bit disappointed with the result but I really need to get 26 in any means..Thanks! hope you can help me

  13. @The Saw124
    Well its actually not tough if you are good at english with friends and others. If you are not very good try to first get command over english. I watched lot of good english programs on english channels. I learnt a lot from them But language was never my problem so was easy for me. Practise as many topics as can get many topics from internet.Try to record ur response while u practice n compare with ideal responses on youtube. also buy ETS TOEFL official guide. Good Luck

  14. @MyNikks please guide me for the speaking section.. my other section are good..i need to get 26 in speaking.

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