“Why do you have 70 speed reading tests as part of The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT?”


“Why do you use speed reading practice tests?” asked one my 7-Step students.

If you can read faster, you will comprehend more because you will have fewer distractions.  Faster readers have better comprehension, and research studies have confirmed this over and over. Furthermore, if you have better comprehension, you will understand more when you are reading passages during the speaking, writing, and reading sections of the TOEFL iBT.  In other words, you will get a higher TOEFL score if you can read faster.

But you cannot increase your reading speed too quickly, which is why my speed reading tests increase in incremental segments of five words.  The first speed reading practice test begins at 100 words per minute (wpm) and the last one ends at 350 wpm. As you complete these speed reading tests, keep mind the following:

1.  When watching the video, read the passage ONE time.

2.  Answer the questions and “Submit all and finish” to get your test score.

3. Do not go to the next speed reading practice test until you have scored 80 or higher on the test you just took.

4. If you cannot score 80% on 100 wpm speed reading test, you will need to go back to my vocabulary part of my course to (re) learn the words taught in those lessons.

5.  Your goal is complete each speed reading test until you have reached at least 300 wpm with 80 comprehension.

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