TOEFL Tutor Offers Nearly Free Services

TOEFL tutor Michael Buckhoff has been teaching TOEFL preparation courses at California State University, San Benardino since 1994. In 2008, Buckhoff decided to reach out to international students around the world through his online TOEFL course. His course is called STEALTH, “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” His TOEFL services which cost only $45 monthly are almost free to those students who take his course.


TOEFL Tutor Gives Speaking Feedback

TOEFL tutor Buckhoff allows his students to send him speaking practice daily. His basic rule is that his online students can send him 60 seconds of speaking practice every 24 hours.  Buckhoff downloads, listens to, evaluates, and recommends specific lessons to help his students improve. In fact, in the following video,  you will listen to some feedback that he provides to one of his Online TOEFL students who completed a speaking practice test.  

 TOEFL Tutor Gives Pronunciation Feedback

TOEFL tutor Buckhoff also allows his students to complete pronunciation pre-tests to help them to speak more clearly.  The first pre-test helps his students improve their pronunciation of vowel and consonant sounds.  For example, in the following video Buckhoff listens to a pre-test from one of his STEALTH students. He provides feedback so that the student understands which vowel and consonant sounds are causing the most trouble:


TOEFL Tutor Gives Writing Feedback

Buckhoff’s students can also complete writing practice tests daily. Then this TOEFL tutor will read, evaluate, and score these practice tests. In addition, this TOEFL tutor offers an error correction service. The service shows his students what changes they need to make in their writing so that they score 30/30 points. For instance, in the following two videos you will see what type of  feedback this TOEFL tutor provides.

After having this essay error corrected, this student now knows exactly what he/she needs to do in order to score 30/30 points on this writing task. Moreover, this student knows what lessons s/he needs to study  to improve.

Similarly, this student also knows her integrated writing level as well as which specific lessons she should study in order to improve her writing.

TOEFL Tutor Provides Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, and Reading Practice

Lastly, Buckhoff provides self-study lessons. These lessons help you to improve your vocabulary and grammar. These are two basic areas in your English that you must improve. Improving in these two areas will help you score higher on the speaking and writing sections. Further, this TOEFL mentor helps you to improve your listening and reading skills. Buckhoff helps you improve through skill-building pdf and video lessons and practice tests.

If you are ready to finish the TOEFL and move on with your life, follow the link to join his course:

Michael Buckhoff,



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