Free TOEFL Practice Test

On this web page, you will learn how to take a free TOEFL practice test.  You will have two options. 1) You can complete a free TOEFL speaking practice test.  2) You can complete a free TOEFL writing practice test.

Free TOEFL Practice Test

Example Feedback for Free TOEFL Speaking Practice Test

As you can observe in the video, I will offer delivery, language-use, and topic development corrections.  In addition, I will use the official TOEFL iBT speaking rubrics to grade your response.

Example Feedback for Free TOEFL Writng Practice Test

I’ve included some video comments + an actual essay that a student sent me yesterday so that you can see what type of feedback you will get:

Your independent writing score is 3.75/5.0 or 24/30 pts. To see the ETS rubrics used to score your practice test and some recommended lessons you should study based on your score, copy and paste the following link into your browser:

What the student wrote:

It is critically important that dedicated teachers are being hired to teach the next generation. Personally, I believe that depending on how much their students learn, a good teacher must be rewarded. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

To start with, (paying teachers based on their student learning will motivate them to more completely execute their duties.) Teachers and mentors have always been a core part of education throughout history. A student can only be measured against their teacher. It is thus, inevitable, that great men and women have almost always been students of equally great teachers. Those are the teachers who have gone beyond their duties to ensure that the student is able to recognize their full potential. And although their students have attained great name and fame, the teacher themselves have always been forgotten. I think to compensate for that, good teachers such as them must receive their pay-off. Furthermore, (performance-based pay will improve the quality of teachers.)

Teachers in public schools and colleges, who have their salary guaranteed by the government, tend to just fulfill their duty of giving boring lectures and grading exam papers. They do not have even an iota of involvement in the future and career of their students and consequently the quality of education suffers. On the other hand, teachers in private institutes are evaluated based on feedbacks or scores earned by the students in their class and earn their wages accordingly. The teachers are inevitably motivated to show more dedication in their profession. This leads to higher standards of education as well as a more learned batch of students. In such an arrangement everyone benefits and interest towards teaching as a job increases as well.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that dedication among teachers towards their profession must be encouraged and to ensure the quality of teachers, salary based on the performance of their students is a motivator as good as anything else.

Links to your free TOEFL Speaking and Writing Practice Tests

To take your free TOEFL speaking practice test, go here:

You can complete your free TOEFL writing practice test at this web page:

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