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On this page, you can enroll in TOEFL classes to help you improve your academic English. These TOEFL classes will also help you to improve your overall TOEFL score and subtotal scores.

TOEFL Classes








Face-to-Face Classes

If you live in the Southern California, you can attend classes with Michael Buckhoff. Buckhoff teaches at California State University, San Bernardino.

Therefore, you can make arrangements to meet with him at his office in University Hall 301.27. Or, Buckhoff and you can find a vacant classroom and begin your  classes there.

Email your TOEFL mentor if you are in the Southern California area and if you want to take TOEFL classes face to face:

Classes via Skype

Like many students, maybe you live far from Southern California.  In this case, it is more practical to take TOEFL classes with Buckhoff using Skype.  Buckhoff is more than happy to teach you TOEFL lessons using Skype, as you can learn more about here.

Most students who register for the TOEFL Private lessons focus on speaking and writing practice.  For example, before your lesson, you will send your mentor speaking practice tests that he can listen to. In addition, you can also send him writing practice tests. During your TOEFL Skype lessons, your mentor will explain to you what your estimated scores are. Further, he will recommend a specific series of lessons and practice so that you can improve.

If you want to take TOEFL classes by Skype, learn more by going to this web page: TOEFL Private Lessons

Self-Study TOEFL Classes

In addition to taking TOEFL classes in person or by using Skype, you can also choose an online class. The length of your lesson will depend on what your current TOEFL score or practice test score is. For example, if you only need to improve your overall TOEFL score 5-10 points, you should choose a 1-Month TOEFL class.

As you can learn here, choose a self-study class that best fits your specific situation.

Whatever class you choose, Michael Buckhoff, a qualified English professor with more than 31 years of teaching experience, will grade all the pronunciation, speaking, and writing practice tests that you submit.

Good luck!

Michael Buckhoff,

Teaching Experience

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