TOEFL integrated speaking and writing task phrases

Learn and practice these twelve TOEFL integrated speaking and writing task phrases. Using these phrases will help you to do the following:

  • Draw conclusions
  • Make inferences
  • Suggest implications based on a specific set of data

TOEFL integrated speaking and writing task phrases

TOEFL integrated speaking and writing task phrases: Suggests

“Suggests” means to point to certain conclusions based on certain data.

  • With rapid glacier melt in every region of our Earth, the speaker suggests that Co2 emissions have accelerated in recent decades.

TOEFL integrated speaking and writing task phrases: As evidenced/suggested/indicated by

  • As evidenced by his reluctance with the author’s main assertions about volcanic activity, the speaker believes that most volcanic eruptions are declining at an annual rate of 15%.
  • Clearly, our world population growth will not be sustainable, as suggested by the speaker in the lecture.
  • Most birds will continue to evolve, as indicated by current documented instances of evolutionary change, due to climate change and any other factors that will cause these flying animals to adapt, asserts the professor in the lecture.

TOEFL integrated speaking and writing task phrases: Based on

Similarly, “based on” suggests that a conclusion is a result of certain conditions or data.

  • Based on data samples taken from several ice cores in the Artic sea ice, according to the speaker, significant radioactivity polluted the atmosphere after the nuclear meltdown incident at a power plant in Chernobyl, a former thriving Soviet Union city.

Can be seen/Observed when/As seen in

  • Mass bird migrations, the professor explains, can be seen in areas of Canada when massive numbers of geese fly south every spring.
  • Higher than normal temperatures are observed in California when the hot desert air blows west toward the coastline, explains the speaker in the lecture.
  • As seen on television, a new type of duct tape is so strong that it can even bond wood and steel.

Which is made apparent when

  • Climate change has made adaptation difficult for oceanic plants such as coral, which is made apparent when researchers found miles and miles of coral bleaching off the coast of Australia.

Is demonstrated by/through/when

  • The speaker’s refuting the author’s ideas is demonstrated by the evidence that most polar bears are multiplying at alarming rates despite the effects of climate change.
  • According to the speaker, plants are able to convert sunlight into energy demonstrated through a process called photosynthesis.
  • Civil unrest due to racial inequality, observes the speaker in the lecture, is being demonstrated when cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Baltimore, and Atlanta have riots.


  • Solutions to climate change hinge on countries’ abilities to cut back on carbon emissions while inventing innovative forms of sustainable, clean energy in the no-so-distant future.

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