Dina, who is thinking abut joining an Online TOEFL Course, found the Prometric Testing Center noisy and distracting.

A couple of days ago, Dina, who is looking for an Online TOEFL Course, landed on a web page advertising “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.”  She was not sure if she wanted to join the course. However, she was very upset with her last two test-taking experiences at the Prometric Testing center where she took her most recent TOEFL exam.  Here are the comments that she made about her test-taking experience:

Dear Michael,
I would really appreciate if you could TEACH me how I could actually pass TOEFL exam with a score of 84 minimum. I’m a former nurse who graduated from a foreign nursing school in Baku, Azerbaijan. I’ve been leaving in US since 1998. I’m currently about to graduate from a Pre-med program in Moorhead, Minnesota. I have earned all A’s in all my English college courses.

I recently had my nursing diploma evaluated and I was allowed to take an ENCLEX-RN exam to practice nursing in US. Unfortunately, I have to prove that I speak English and have to get minimum of 84 on TOEFL iBT exam.
So, my question is: how in the world I could possible pass this exam when examination room does not fit for such “EVENT”? I took TOEFL exam twice and both times a failed just by couple of points. The atmosphere during the exam is absolutely unacceptable. I never had to experience such unpleasant moments during my school experience in my local college. Both times when I took this exam I pay $ 170 registration fee and I think I deserve to have at least semi-pleasant and quite atmosphere which is suitable for any exam.

Not once I have had an exam in my college where students were talking loud to the professors or just simply talking out loud which was causing a huge disturbance and discomfort to others. I simply do not understand if TOEFL is set up in a way to fail people purposely or just nobody really cares how many people’s life are being left behind the doors. It is understandable that money for the exam is taken immediately when one signs up for the exam but where is the proper, suitable exam atmosphere?

Dear Michael I understand that fixing this problem is not in your power and I’m not asking you to either. I’m just at crises right now and not sure if it is ever going to be possible to pass TOEFL at Prometric exam center. I’m not alone just as many of my friends are straggling with the same problem.

And right after she made her comments,  another TOEFLer, sharing in her experiences said this:

Dear Dina,

I am totally agree with you.
I have had a similar situation with an IELTS in Toronto, Canada.
I have had a chance to see a total disaster during the exams from their examinants two times.
I have tried to pass the IELTS twice, but my effort and the scores were the same.
My aim was to get on IELTS overall score 7, but I got 5.5.
Everything depends on an examinee, but significant role play there the examinants.
Many an educational institutions offer English courses(TOEFL,IELTS,ect.)here.
From my experience 95% of them have method to “brainwash” your English knowledge.
This is a total money making business.
Unfortunately the sistem in North America is set up to make you fail, or put you down right away.
They don’t need smart educated people here to make the world better, peaceful and nice.
They just want to keep all immigrants below a middle class and do not even give them a chance to be satisfy who they are.
Thank you for reading my comment here.


Of course, the founder, owner, and materials writer of “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT” made some comments about Dina’s situation. Here is what he said in a You Tube Video that he prepared for Dina:


Dina was surprised to get a video response answering her question and shared some delightful words to Michael:

Dear Michael,
Thank you so very much for taking time and answering my question.
You really made my day today!!!
I was thinking about the ear plugs several times but wasn’t too sure if they would allow me to have anything in my ears during the exam. But I’m still going to try!!! I hope they won’t make me leave all my belongings in the car like they did last two times.

Thank you very much again!!!

But there was one more loose end that Dina wanted to close.She remembered the frustration in Mr. D’s comments, and since she had been uplifted by Michael, she wanted to “pass it forward” so, keeping this in mind, here is what she said:

Dear Mr.D,
I hope you didn’t give up on getting your desired score!!! I totally understand how frustrating it could get when you study for a test and the results are still lower than you are aiming for. I wish you to be a bit more patient and keep trying.
There is nothing else that will make you happier but the score you need when you finally reach that point!!!
Just think of mountain climbers when they reach the top of the mountains. Try to picture how they feel and imagine yourself in their position. The flow of an adrenaline through their bodies and the satisfaction of getting to the top!!!
So, good luck to you and don’t look back at little failures!!!
My best wishes to you!!!

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