Four Free TOEFL Gifts for You!

In the celebration of Christmas, you will get four free TOEFL gifts on this web page.

Four free TOEFL gifts

Free Vocabulary Book

How do you think your English will improve if you learn 1,700 college-level vocabulary words? Well, your first free TOEFL gift for this holiday season is a 265 page vocabulary e-book:

  • Complete instructions of a tried-and-true study plan for vocabulary mastery
  • Nine vocabulary in-context strategies when you encounter unfamiliar words
  • 200 Words of Intermediate TOEFL iBT Vocabulary
  • 1500 Words of Advanced TOEFL iBT Vocabulary
  • Easy learning format with word, part of speech, word definition, and sample sentence   

Learn how to use all the words in this vocabulary list. As a result, you are guaranteed to score over 100: CLICK HERE

Free TOEFL Speaking Practice Test Evaluation:

Your second free gift is a speaking practice test evaluation. Only 10-12% of all test-takers score 26 points or higher on the speaking section.  In addition, a large percentage of TOEFLers take the TOEFL exam without ever having received feedback from a qualified TOEFL mentor. Several benefits of taking a free speaking practice test will help you in your TOEFL journey:

  • Receive feedback from a TOEFL speaking mentor who has graded more than 22,000 speaking practice tests.
  • Get an estimated score of 0 to 30 pts. to find out whether or not you are ready to take the TOEFL exam.
  • Find out specific pronunciation problems related to the following: vowels, consonants, syllable division, word stress, sentence rhythm, intonation, and thought groups and blending.
  • Discover whether or not you have any language-use limitations with vocabulary and grammar.
  • Learn if you have any problems organizing and developing your ideas.
  • Based on your strengths and weaknesses, get a recommended TOEFL study guide.

Take your free speaking practice test: CLICK HERE

Free TOEFL Writing Practice Test Evaluation

Your third free gift is a TOEFL writing practice test evaluation. Fewer than 15% of all TOEFLers score 24 pts on the writing section.  Moreover, many students preparing for the TOEFL exam never have the chance of getting feedback from a qualified TOEFL mentor. Therefore, they do not know what their writing problems are. Nor do they know why they didn’t reach their target TOEFL writing score.  If you decide to take a free TOEFL writing practice test,  several positive things will go your way:

  • Obtain feedback from a TOEFL writing mentor who has more than 30 years of teaching and grading experience.
  • Get an estimated writing score of 0-30 pts.
  • Find out your strengths and weaknesses relating to the following: organization/development; unity, progression, and coherence; control of grammar and syntactic variety; and natural sounding and appropriate vocabulary.
  • Learn which writing errors you should focus on the most to increase your writing score.
  • Based on your practice test score and the target score you need, get a recommended lesson plan to help you improve.

Begin your TOEFL writing journey: CLICK HERE

Free Access to 800+ TOEFL Lessons on this Blog

Happy Holidays to you!  Your last TOEFL gift is complete, unlimited access to all 800+ TOEFL lessons at this blog.

  • TOEFL resources are categorized into seven categories: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, speaking, and writing.
  • This TOEFL Blog and its lessons are ranked one of the best on the Internet.

Begin your TOEFL journey: CLICK HERE

I hope that you find these four TOEFL free gifts useful.  What gift is better than the gift of learning?


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