This student scored 106 on the TOEFL

This student scored 106 on the TOEFL. I am pleased to be able to write about Yostina. She finally achieved her target score on the TOEFL exam.

This student scored 106 on the TOEFL

This student scored 106 on the TOEFL: Yostina’s background

Like countless others I have taught, Yostina aspired to become a pharmacist. Her husband was already a practicing pharmacist in the United States. She had taken the TOEFL three times but had not reached her dream score of 26 on the speaking section.  Therefore, she decided to do two things:

This student scored 106 on the TOEFL: Yostina’s progress in my TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course

Right after joining, Yostina began sending me speaking and pronunciation practice. After listening to and evaluating her speaking tasks, I noticed that her main problem was delivery. In particular, she needed to improve her intonation and her thought groups and blending. Therefore, I recommended that she take a few TOEFL private lessons. That way I could help her more effectively.

Yostina takes several private lessons

During our 1-1 TOEFL private lessons, I focused on helping Yostina improve her pacing so that she was pausing after 4-5 stress words instead of 2-3.  In addition, she was having trouble blending the words within her thought groups. Finally, she made some changes to her intonation so that she would speak more naturally.  Soon enough, it was time for her to re-take the TOEFL exam.

Yostina reaches her target overall and subtotal scores: (106) R=26, L=25, S=28, and W=27.

To get motivated, watch the below video. Near the end, you will hear one of the sample practice tests that Yostina completed while she was one of my students. Since she scored 28 pts. on the speaking section, you will learn what type of speaking fluency you will need to score higher than 26 points.

May the next TOEFFL exam you take be your last!


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