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If you like what I am posting on this blog, you may be interested in taking TOEFL Skype lessons to help you improve your speaking and writing skills. I charge $100 dollars per hour per lesson.

TOEFL Skype Lessons: How do I get ready for my first skype lesson?

  • Prior to your lesson, you will complete four speaking practice tests of your choice. You can use TPO if you want to. After you take the speaking practice tests, you will email them to me.
  • In addition, you will complete an independent writing practice test (CLICK HERE) and an integrated writing practice test (CLICK HERE). Make sure that you email me both of your writing practice tests before your lesson. That way I will have time to evaluate and score your writing BEFORE we meet.
  •  Finally, when you send me the speaking or writing practice, let me know what your TOEFL target scores are.

Dear Michael,

I will be taking one of your TOEFL Skype lessons. Here is some information to help you understand my situation better.

My current TOEFL score is _____/120.   Here are my subtotal scores: R=____, L=___, S=____, and W=_____.

However, I need the following TOEFL score _____/120.   In addition, these are the recommended subtotal scores: R=____, L=___, S=____, and W=_____.

Please let me know which TOEFL course plan will help me to meet my goals.


First name, Last Name

TOEFL Skype Lessons: What will I get in my first lesson?

$100 an hour is a lot of money, right? Therefore, I will offer the following if you purchase  one of my Skype lessons:

  • Evaluation, score, and delivery, language use, and topic development feedback on four speaking practice tests of your choice
  • Pronunciation pre-test to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses with vowel and consonant sounds
  • Evaluation, score, and feedback on ONE independent and ONE integrated writing practice test
  • 30 day unlimited-use subscription to my online TOEFL courseThe 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT
  • Opportunity to send me ONE speaking and ONE writing practice test to my email every 24 hours for evaluation while you are subscribed to my online TOEFL Course.  I will provide you audio and written feedback (No SKYPE!) so that you can monitor your progress as you complete the lessons in my course.

TOEFL Skype Lessons:  Can you teach me a different lesson?

Yes, I will teach you whatever you feel you need to help you improve your English proficiency: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

How do I join?

Click on the below PayPal link, and make your payment, after which

  • I will enroll you in my online TOEFL Course and send you an email welcoming you.
  • I will also arrange with you the day and time that will work best for your Skype lesson.

I will be very happy to teach you!

Michael Buckhoff
Michael Buckhoff

Michael Buckhoff,

1-760-947-4755: Leave message, and I will call you back.

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  1. Michael is great professor who really helped me for reaching my dream; honestly without his course, I could not have gotten the scores which I needed. Strongly, I recommend every one who needs help and who wants to get high toefl scores to work with Michael.

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