Complete a TOEFL iBT practice test.

Taking a TOEFL iBT practice test is helpful for several reasons.

TOEFL iBT practice test

TOEFL iBT practice test can help you find your level.

Knowing your level can be especially helpful during your journey to conquer the TOEFL iBT exam.  For instance, after taking a TOEFL iBT practice test, you can choose a TOEFL course based on your practice test score and on the target score that you need to get.  Typically, you can expect an improvement of 5-10 points in your TOEFL score as you study each month. Therefore, as you can see on this web page, it is quite easy to find a TOEFL course based on your current level and the target TOEFL score that you need.

TOEFL iBT practice test can familiarize you with the structure and format of the exam.

Many students take the official TOEFL exam without knowing what to expect. There are specific instructions for each section of the exam. Moreover, specific question types on the reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections can be surprising for some students.  Finally, you need to get used to pacing. Pacing refers to how much time you should be spending on each section of the TOEFL iBT.

  • Taking a full-length TOEFL iBT practice test can help you see what the test is like.
  • You can develop some specific test-taking strategies that you can use when you take the actual TOEFL iBT exam.
  • After taking a TOEFL iBT practice test, you will  know what to expect when you register to take the actual exam.

Taking a practice test helps you develop stamina and concentration.

The TOEFL exam is nearly four hours long. Even after the shortened version of the TOEFL is introduced in August 2019, as you can learn here, it will still be 3. 5 hours. That is a very long English test. Unfortunately, many students have not taken a full-length TOEFL iBT four hour test. Hence, they have trouble concentrating in English for that incredibly long period. By taking a practice test, you will learn what it is like to have to answer reading, listening, speaking, and writing questions with only small breaks. As a result, you will learn to develop the stamina and concentration that you need to score high.

Take your TOEFL iBT practice test right now.

I have a partner web site that offers realistic, authentic full-length four hour practice tests to prepare for you for your upcoming practice test. Follow the link to sign up for these inexpensive practice tests:  CLICK HERE

Other TOEFL practice tests you can take.

In addition, you can take some reading, listening, speaking, and writing practice tests at no charge to you!

Complete a reading practice test to find out whether or not you are ready to take the TOEFL iBT.

This reading practice test will help you recognize common organizational patterns that appear on the reading section of the TOEFL.

Learn all the TOEFL listening question types. After, complete a listening practice test about meteors.

Take a listening practice test about John Adams, one of the founding fathers of the USA.

Complete a free speaking practice test and get feedback from a qualified TOEFL speaking mentor.

This free writing practice test will give you a score and feedback from a very experienced TOEFL writing mentor who is also an English professor at California State University, San Bernardino.

Good luck!

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