Get TOEFL writing feedback

If you get TOEFL writing feedback, you will be able to recognize your errors much faster. Of course, that means you will have a much better chance of reaching that magical score of 24+ on the writing section. Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Get TOEFL writing feedback
Get TOEFL writing feedback

If this quote is true, then why do so many students re-take the TOEFL exam over and over without changing how they prepare for the exam?  If you keep doing the same thing over and over without changing your study routine, you will also not be able to reach your dream TOEFL score. You could join 1000’s of students who end up in TOEFL hell. Some may never get out!

Stay away from TOEFL hell!
Stay away from TOEFL hell!

Get TOEFL writing feedback: Example error correction feedback for writing task 1

In the following You Tube video, I provide integrated writing feedback for a student who joined my TOEFL Writing Boot Camp Course. If you join my course, you will also be able to get TOEFL writing feedback:

This student scored 2.0/5.0 or 14/30 point on this writing task. As you can see in the video, I spend 36 minutes showing her how to restructure the essay so that it scores higher.  Because of the feedback I provided, this student was able to understand her mistakes. When she completed her next writing practice test, she was able to improve her writing based on her being able to get TOEFL writing feedback.

Get TOEFL writing feedback:  Edited essay is sent to your e-mail

To further help you understand the difference between what you wrote and what you need to do score 30/30 points, I will send you an edited version of your essay so that you can see the changes I made.  Below you will see what the student originally wrote followed by edited version of her essay:

Original Essay: 2.0/5.0 or 14/30 points

The reading passage stats three beliefs about socialism and the lecture corrects or clarifies each of these beliefs.

First of all, the reading passage claims socialism allows for justice by transferring the right and responsibilies. However, the lecture disagrees with this belief saying that it is injustice .

Second of all the reading passage claims socialism seeks to promote absolute equality. In contrast,the lecture this kind of equality is unfair and unreal.

Third of all, the reading passage claims socialism promotes relativism.
The lecture respects that. But the lecture says that base on different cultures and religions, all kinks of beliefs should be respected.

Edited Essay: 5.0/5.0

The reading passage states three benefits about socialism, and the lecture corrects or clarifies each of these beliefs.

First of all, in a socialist society, the rights and obligations are moved from individuals and families to the state, which, according to the reading passage, is seen as a fairer way to function.  In this regard, the state is in charge of ensuring that all citizens have sufficient food and money for their needs.  However, the lecture disagrees with this belief saying that socialism encourages injustice in that it restricts freedom. Furthermore, in a socialist country, the speaker believes that individuals are robbed of their free agency because they are denied the chance to show justice and charity on their own since the state is now in charge of that responsibility, as the reading passage contends.

Second of all, the reading passage claims that socialism encourages exact equality by trying, for example, to close the gap between the high and low wage earners. Therefore, the author further states that socialist societies typically will make the rich pay higher taxes, which is later used to pay for social programs for the poor. In contrast, the lecture argues that this kind of equality is extreme because companies can be unfairly branded as having exploited their employees in order to make profits. For instance, a company like Apple or Ford may have its payment system eliminated or radically changed so that employees are paid a fixed salary rather than a hourly pay rate.

Third of all, the reading passage claims that socialism promotes relativism in the sense that there are no exact right and wrong ways of behaving that apply to everyone in a society. For example, according to the reading passage, marriage should not be limited to being a legal union between a man and a woman, this especially being true since morality evolves as a society progresses. In contrast, the lecture claims that the idea of absolute equality and moral relativism goes against many religions.  In addition, the lecture contends that this idea of cultural relativism will lead to the demise of not only to religion but also to families and societies.

To conclude, the listening passage has a very negative view of the definition and benefits of socialism  mentioned in the reading passage.

Get TOEFL writing feedback: Example error correction feedback for writing task 2

The student in this video scored 3.0/5.0 or 20/30 points on TOEFL writing task 2.  I spend 48 minutes showing the student in the video what changes he needs to make in order to score higher.

Get TOEFL writing feedback:  Edited essay is also sent to your e-mail.

In addition to the student getting the error correction video of his essay, I also sent him the edited version of his essay by e-mail. That way he can compare his essay side by side with my edited sample.

Many students have to live with roommates while going to school or university.  What are some of the important qualities of a good roommate?  Use specific reasons and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

A roommate is the person who lives in the same room with someone else. He or she could be a friend, a classmate, or any person who shares a room even if someone has never met him/her before. Some students like to share their rooms with roommates while going to school or university for many reasons:    companionship, saving some money when sharing the rent and bills, and  motivations to study. Of course, finding good roommates is not easy. In fact, some important qualities of a good roommate will make students’ lives easier. In my opinion, a good roommate should be respectful, clean, and friendly. Even though someone doesn’t have to be close friends with his/her roommate, having these three specific qualities will ensure that all of those living together will have good relationships.

One of the important qualities for good roommates is to be respectful in that he should respect his boundaries and respect the place he is sharing with me. For example, if I have a deadline for my biology exam and if I have to study in quiet place while he has the music on too loudly, I will not be able to concentrate on my studies due to his dispecting our shared living space.  Therefore, this type of roommate doesn’t respect the situation, and he has passed his boundaries by interfering with mine. This type of respect must be mutual in the sense that I will also show my roommate the same respect that he is showing me.

Being a clean person is also an important trait for a good roommate. No one wants to live in a dirty place. As a result, he has to make an effort to keep the living spaces clean. Since we share the kitchen and the restroom, he has to clean them after each time he uses these areas of the apartment. For example, if he cooks his dinner and leaves without cleaning his dishes, I can’t do that for him.  Or, if he showers or uses the toilet and the sink in the bathroom, he is expected to also keep those areas orderly and sanitary.  For instance, sometimes, we may have guests come to our apartment who may need to use the bathroom, and it would be disrespectful to them if we did not keep that area clean and sanitary. Thus, a roommate has to be responsible for keeping the shared living spaces and his own living spaces clean.

Finally, a roommate should be friendly. This means we should have some talks at the end of the day to build good relationships together. Having these intimate conversations could be the main reason to have roommates so we can share some of our personal lives with each other.  For instance, sometimes at school, I may get frustrated when I a get lower test score, when I am having trouble registering for classes for the next term, or when I am having some difficulties with my girlfriend or other close friends.  If my roommate is not friendly and sociable, I will not be able to explain to him these problems, and this is will  not be beneficial for me since I am looking for someone with whom I can share my frustrations and my joys.

At the end, finding a good roommate depends on what you looking for to share a place with him/her. If he respects his boundaries, is a clean person, and is friendly, this will make a successful relationship with him even if he does not ending up becoming a close friend, but at least, we can be in good company and friendly with each other.

Get TOEFL writing feedback: Improvement Expectations

You can improve your TOEFL writing skills!
You can improve your TOEFL writing skills!

The students whose essays you saw in the error correction videos completed my TOEFL Writing Boot Camp Course. Both of them were able to improve their writing.

The first student improved her writing score from 14 points to 24 points over a period of  four months. Similarly, the second student improved his writing score from 20 points to 27 points over a period of two months.

Both students were able to break their endless cycles of failing the writing section. They were able to get TOEFL writing feedback so they stopped making the same mistakes over and over.

Are you ready to get your error correction feedback just like the students in the videos? Are you ready to join a self-study TOEFL Boot Camp Course which gives you unlimited access to STEALTH, The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.

Send me an email if you are interested in joining my TOEFL Writing Boot Camp course. I will send you the course outline and the link to where you can join the course.

Good luck!

Michael Buckhoff,

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