Online TOEFL Course Comments to Saeed: “I need to score 79. Can you help me?”


I received an e-mail today from Saeed, who needs to get a score of 79/120 with a required subtotal of 22/30 on the writing section.  A native of Iran, Saeed registered for the TOEFL exam on August 22, so he has 35 days to reach his goal.  He is not sure whether or not he will be able to reach his mark.  Therefore, he sent an e-mail to me. He told me that he could practice English twelve hours a day. He also said that he has a fair ability of the English language.

The following video includes my advice to him:



Michael, founder, owner, and materials writer for “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT”

4 thoughts on “Online TOEFL Course Comments to Saeed: “I need to score 79. Can you help me?””

  1. Hi Michael

    My name is Gözde from Istanbul. I’ve found your online course before I take the toefl test. I feel so happy, I thought that it might help me, because I was not ready to get good score on the toefl. I just wanted to try myself.

    Here is the my awful score: R: 5 L: 9 S:14 W: 12 ( Total score: 40 )
    Test Date: 09.05.2015

    I was taking the toefl test, I thought that I understood the reading passages. When I learn my score, I was upset more. In the listening section, I took a lot of note so I think that I forgot to listen. In addition, I could not look my notes when I answered the questions. Another problem was about keyboard. Most of time in the writing section, I had to rewrite again and again because they did not have English keyboard. Place of letter was different that I use. It took a lot of waste of time.

    I have to get score 80 at least to apply university in the United States.
    Am I get score 80 in your opinion?
    Could you help me please? Could you give me any recommendation?

    Thank you, though!

  2. Dear Michael

    I am writing this message because I need help to get at least 80 overall score in the TOEFL. My last TOEFL score was ( 56 ).
    ( Reading 14 / Listening 10 / Speaking 22 / Writing 10 ).
    I would really appreciate if you give some advices that could help in my next TOEFL test.

    Thank you

  3. I have my TOEFL exam on sep 12th, my desired score is 80.Could U please send me the link for Free TOEFL iBT Practice test.Depends upon that score I will ask for your help.

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