Free TOEFL Writing Feedback

You can learn right here how to get free TOEFL writing feedback. This feedback will help you understand some specific problems that you may face in your writing right now.

Free TOEFL Writing Feedback


Step 1: Email me your writing sample


First, email me your writing sample. For example, a student yesterday sent me the following email:

Hi Michael, 

Please read, evaluate, and score my independent or integrated writing practice test. Let me know which areas I need to improve on in order to score higher on the TOEFL writing section. 
Thank you for providing me this free TOEFL writing feedback.
Attached to this student’s email was a Microsoft word document containing the below practice test:


There are many ideas have been made to help improve the education. Teacher’s salary is also what people are talking about. Many people think that teachers should be paid according to how much their students learn. While others claim that teachers need to be paid higher. In my view, the salary of teachers should not be make due to their students because it is hard to make decision, put on heavy pressure and also decrease creativity in teaching.

The first reason why we should not make decision on teacher’s salary due to how much their students learn is that it is nearly impossible. This is because students need to take many tests to show what they were taught in order to make sure teachers have done their works properly. However, tests are known not to be accurate in schools. For example, students can forget what they learned, or they will cheat to have better scores. Therefore, we cannot know exactly how much students are taught.

Another reason is that teachers will be under pressure. Many teachers live on their salary, so they have to make sure their students learn a lot. Therefore, teachers need to prepare lessons enough and also teach them faster. For example, if they teach one lesson a day in the past, now due to the salary, they are urged to teach two or three lessons a day. This will make not only teachers but also students tired.

Last but not least, basing teachers’ pay on student learning will diminish the quality of teaching. Teachers have less time preparing their class, which make lessons lack of creativity. To be more specific, this leads to the reality that students find no interest to study and they will not understand what their teachers say. For example, my teacher in secondary school taught really fast that we even didn’t have time to ask the points that we didn’t understand. It resulted in our poor scores at the end of that semester. So that teacher needed to change the way he teach in the next semester.

These reasons prove that teachers shouldn’t be paid after looking at their students. However, the salary of teachers should be higher so that they will be more comfortable and responsible for their work. I believe this idea will have a great effort in quality of education.


Step 2: I will email you audio or video feedback


Once I get your practice test, I will read, evaluate, and score your essay. Then I will send you free TOEFL writing feedback to your mailbox. For instance, watch the below video to see the Free TOEFL Writing Feedback that I gave:

As you can see in the video, I showed the student a unity problem in the third paragraph. In addition, I pointed out a word form problem (i.e., accuracy versus accurate) in paragraph 2, sentence 3. Finally, I pointed out a problem in paragraph 4 in which the writer has significant problems expressing his meaning in the topic sentence.


Step 3: Take your writing practice test right now and get your free TOEFL writing feedback.


Like this student, you can get this free TOEFL writing feedback. Simply, following the link to sign up to take a TOEFL writing practice test:

Good luck!

Michael Buckhoff,

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3 thoughts on “Free TOEFL Writing Feedback”

  1. Amtrak is a United States Government owned intercity train service. Both the lecture and reading discuss their opinions about the ownership of the Amtrak. The lecture points out some benefits of Government ownership of Amtrak. While the passage believes that private ownership of Amtrak is more profitable.
    The first problem regarding the discussed topic is the fact that whether the ownership of Amtrack should be public or private. The lecturer mentions that in order to ensure the transformation facilities of all citizens, the sail service should be Government owned. For example, the rail should serve the people who live in the easily accessible areas as well as people who live in remote isolated areas. However, the maintenance cost of the remote areas is more, Since the train service is not for profit but for the serving the citizens. On the other hand, the reading mentions that if ownership is shifted to private owned companies, the rail company can save unnecessary cost by reducing or closing remote routes, thereby increasing the profit what is not the purpose of public owned institutions.
    The second issue in this discussion is about the fairness of the government to the support of public companies. The professor indicates that mass public services need large long-term investment, which is not possible by the private sectors. For example, US government support the airline industries such as air traffic system, air traffic training for staffs as well as weather satellites on which air traffics depend. So, it is absurd to the conclusion by the reading that government funding for mass public services is unfair. In contrast, the content asserts that funding for public transportation services is harmful since the government does not give adequate fund or give very little funding to the public industries. As a result, it is really challenging for the public services to compete against the private companies to attract customers in terms of pricing issues. This statement is contradictory.
    Last but not the least, a final point of the argument is about the popularity of the train service in the United States of the America. The speaker highlights that though train service is not popular than road transportation, this service can be made popular by facilitating faster train service with good rail infrastructure. For example, In Japan and Europe train service is very famous because of faster train and good rail infrastructure. However, the reading illustrates that since very insignificance percentage of people travel by rail, the government should shift funding from rail to national transformation system by which most people commute across the states. For instance, the government should shift the money to road or other channels in which people are used to.
    To sum up, the speaker illuminates on the above-mentioned benefits of the Amtrak under Government funding, but the reading highlights the criticism of government funding, emphasizing the shifting the government ownership to private ownership of Amtrak.

  2. “Parents should read their children’s text message
    First of all, parents can save their kids from going into wrong path. As in a coin there are two sides, technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, as the young generation are more inclined towards cell phones for their everyday life, it becomes extremely essential for adults to look after them. For instance, my younger brother spend a maximum of his time over the phone. Moreover, his behavior was not polite as once it was before. My Mom got worried, and so she thought of going through his text messages in order to know his group of friends. It was really shocking to know, as there were messages related to “Smoking” and “gambling” in his watsapp group. Soon after that day, his cell phone was taken away from him, and he was advised to make good friends which can influence his life positively. This example, clearly demonstrates how important it is for the parents to access a child’s phone in order to guide them in an accurate direction.

    Secondly, parents can build healthy and friendly relationship with their kids, if they are aware of their life. For instance, my dad saw one of my text message which I shared with my friend. It was mentioned that “I wished to buy my own cycle”. Since he know about it, he helped me to fulfill this desire. Along with it, he advised me to save monthly pocket money and to avoid unnecessary expenses. Hence after seeking his suggestions, I managed to buy my own cycle very quickly.

    So in conclusion, I strongly believe that parents should go through their child’s mobile phone. This is because they can correct their child’s mistake and can develop a friendly bond which every child seeks for. I highly recommend that parents and children should share their personal information. If this occur, it can be predicted that no child will hide anything from their parents.

  3. Osman Furkan Yankın

    Nowadays, people countinue to argue about goverments funding policy all the time. Some of the are in favour to spend more money for internet distribution infrastructure. Other believe that public transportation is more crucial and should be funded more. In my opinion, goverments sould support internet infrastructure. I feel this way because of two reasons which I will explore with the following essay.

    To begin with, internet is the most important communication platform for everyone. People always chat nad talk with eachother via application which internet is necessery to use. If there is no internet connection in somewhere you want to reach someone, you would be stuck. For example, in Turkey, there is no internet connection in the subways. People always have to go out form station and use internet. When my mother texts me to ask something or to ask how I am in middle of day, she could not reach me which may cause her to worry about me. Additionally, communication always takes huge part of human life. When we consider todays conditions, it can ot be thinkable to cut communicate during a trip like in the forests etc.

    Another reason why I feel this way is that internet also so critical for business or eployees which have to benefit internet to do their job. Some people work remutely in their hometown like in a countryside. It is quite important to have strong network to do their business. It should allow people to make online meetings also reduce waiting times while surfing on internet. For instance, in my hometown which is far from the city center, internet connection is quite weak to work, to call someone via internet apps. thus, it is impossible to work from home and do my business online because of a lot of waiting time for downloading or uploading.

    To sum up, I believe that goverment should seperate more money to get better internet access. I claim that for two main reason which are internet is most crucial platform to communicate and to do business. Thus, internet network should be improved by ggovermet especially in the districts which people have business on internet.

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