Free TOEFL Writing Feedback

You can learn right here how to get free TOEFL writing feedback. This feedback will help you understand some specific problems that you may face in your writing right now.

Free TOEFL Writing Feedback


Step 1: Email me your writing sample


First, email me your writing sample. For example, a student yesterday sent me the following email:

Hi Michael, 

Please read, evaluate, and score my independent or integrated writing practice test. Let me know which areas I need to improve on in order to score higher on the TOEFL writing section. 
Thank you for providing me this free TOEFL writing feedback.
Attached to this student’s email was a Microsoft word document containing the below practice test:


There are many ideas have been made to help improve the education. Teacher’s salary is also what people are talking about. Many people think that teachers should be paid according to how much their students learn. While others claim that teachers need to be paid higher. In my view, the salary of teachers should not be make due to their students because it is hard to make decision, put on heavy pressure and also decrease creativity in teaching.

The first reason why we should not make decision on teacher’s salary due to how much their students learn is that it is nearly impossible. This is because students need to take many tests to show what they were taught in order to make sure teachers have done their works properly. However, tests are known not to be accurate in schools. For example, students can forget what they learned, or they will cheat to have better scores. Therefore, we cannot know exactly how much students are taught.

Another reason is that teachers will be under pressure. Many teachers live on their salary, so they have to make sure their students learn a lot. Therefore, teachers need to prepare lessons enough and also teach them faster. For example, if they teach one lesson a day in the past, now due to the salary, they are urged to teach two or three lessons a day. This will make not only teachers but also students tired.

Last but not least, basing teachers’ pay on student learning will diminish the quality of teaching. Teachers have less time preparing their class, which make lessons lack of creativity. To be more specific, this leads to the reality that students find no interest to study and they will not understand what their teachers say. For example, my teacher in secondary school taught really fast that we even didn’t have time to ask the points that we didn’t understand. It resulted in our poor scores at the end of that semester. So that teacher needed to change the way he teach in the next semester.

These reasons prove that teachers shouldn’t be paid after looking at their students. However, the salary of teachers should be higher so that they will be more comfortable and responsible for their work. I believe this idea will have a great effort in quality of education.


Step 2: I will email you audio or video feedback


Once I get your practice test, I will read, evaluate, and score your essay. Then I will send you free TOEFL writing feedback to your mailbox. For instance, watch the below video to see the Free TOEFL Writing Feedback that I gave:

As you can see in the video, I showed the student a unity problem in the third paragraph. In addition, I pointed out a word form problem (i.e., accuracy versus accurate) in paragraph 2, sentence 3. Finally, I pointed out a problem in paragraph 4 in which the writer has significant problems expressing his meaning in the topic sentence.


Step 3: Take your writing practice test right now and get your free TOEFL writing feedback.


Like this student, you can get this free TOEFL writing feedback. Simply, following the link to sign up to take a TOEFL writing practice test:

Good luck!

Michael Buckhoff,

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