9 thoughts on “TOEFL iBT Vocabulary: Twenty-Two Must-Know Idioms”

  1. Come up with think of
    Cost an arm and a leg expensive
    Count on depend on
    Count out eliminate
    Cut off stop discontinue
    Cut out of be qualify for have an attitude for

  2. Catch up with go fast as catch
    Check into register
    Check out of
    Cheer up be happy
    Chip in on contribute
    Clear up make understandable, sunny
    Come across meet by chance in advertisement
    Come around to begin to change one opinion
    Come down with become sick with illness

  3. Call it a day stop working
    Call off cancel
    Call on visit
    Calm down relax
    Care for take care of
    Catch on become popular
    Catch on to understand learn

  4. shushansimonyan

    thank you very much for your help but i wonder if i have met these phrases while preparing for the toefl ibt

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