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TOEFL Vocabulary Lesson 2 Part 1


Vocabulary Lesson 2 Part 2

The following pdf file contains an outine of all the information used in the video, including the roots, prefixes, and suffixes mentioned at the end of the video:

If you have any questions, please make a written comment below.

All the best to your TOEFL iBT success!

Michael Buckhoff, founder of Better TOEFL Scores

19 thoughts on “TOEFL Vocabulary Lesson 2 Download Page”

  1. Pim,

    Here are my comments to you:




    Dear Michale,
    My name is Pim. I’ve felt really have no direction and low confident to take Toefl test. I took this test for several time but it never better than 75(Toefl ibt).Moreover, my reading score never better than 16.Could you please give me some advice how to become successful toefler? I really need score over 85 as soon as possible.
    Yours respectfully,


  2. Leo,

    Great. When you go to the writing and speaking lessons, you can begin posting written and audio responses to the questions, and I will be happy to grade them.


    Michael, founder of the 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT

    hi Michael Buckhoff this is leonardo (Baseball player). I have bought the 7 steps , and also subscribed to speaking clearly. I saw your video, I going to follow you advice. I changed the date of my toefl by 15 apryl to have enough time to practice in your speaking course and also the 7 steps.

    take care you!

  3. Hi prof. Michael,
    can you kindly help me with my essay which I wrought it in response to this question :

    Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

    Both parents should have an equal responsibility in child rearing.

    Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

    Here is my answer :

    No doubt that parent’s responsibility to their children rearing are quite important. Although, an argumentative viewpoints raised regarding whether the man should have the responsibility to his child’s care or the women should so. In my opinion both should have an equal and completed caring tasks.

    First of all, children require a complete rearing from both parents. In fact, children during their first years of life needs a lot of love that comes equally from the husband and his wife. Moreover, lacking one of his/her parent, child will live with a decreased love that effects his life in the future. I have an experience with one of my relatives, John, his parents divorced when he was young, around seven years, and this caused a severe impact to his personality.

    In addition to the previous point, children rearing cannot done with one member than the other. Consequently, both of parents should have an equal attention to their children life, and having the sense to complete each other. actually, the man has a responsibility regarding how secure his children life. However, the women has a vast tasks in her child eating and overall health.

    All of all, the children care is a difficult responsibility. Moreover, children need love equally from both parents, and both the man and the woman should complete each other. In fact, children care should be carried on by both parents.

    I write it within 30 min . I’m dying to see your feedback.

    Thank you so much ,

  4. Hello,

    I am a stealth student , I havent saved the password to acess this page can it be sent to my e-mail please??

    As I cant download these videos.

  5. hi mich,
    i have just submited an essay i wrote while in the library.please take a look and give me a feed back on that.
    Also, i don’t know where and how to submit my stuff in order for you to correct them.

  6. People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example ,new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge) .why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer..

    To my personal conviction, a country highest level of education is measured from its high level of educational Institutions, which are universities and colleges.
    Some people might prefer to get a college education in order to obtain the necessary job they desire ,while others might prefer to get a university education which is being considered the highest of all modern educational institution.
    Normally , some people attend these institutions for several reasons .
    First, they attend these institution to gain new experiences regarding their job and their personal life. We all know that some of these institution do provide advanced courses
    for workers and also for people who are interested to begin a new life experience. Nowadays, most companies provide funds for their workers to pursuit a higher and qualified education from one of these institution.
    I could remember my good friend was a laborer and he got a company funding from the hospital he was working to go back to school, and he went to college to obtain a degree in nursing. He got a new experience and was able to make more money which gave him a great personals satisfaction .
    Second, some people go to college or university in order to enhance their knowledge regarding their field of interest . Many people do attend the university not because they need a degree , but just because they have a passion on what they are doing and they would like to improve their knowledge on what they are passion. For example ,you will fine many retired people going back to the university to take classes on ancient history because they want to understand better the history of the world.

    Finally and not the least of all, most people do attend these higher institution in order to gain an upper hand in the society when it comes to employment opportunity. Living in a very competitive society like the one we are today, it is very tough to get a decent job without a university or college degree. For this reason many people prefer go the university and obtain the highest qualification they could think of in order to put them in a better position of having a job. For example when I applied for a job opening in my company , my reply was turn down because I didn’t have any university education. I went back to school to obtain a degree ,and immediately I graduated I was offered a job which was equivalent to the one I earlier applied and I didn’t get it.
    To conclude , the are several reasons while people choice to attend these higher institution ,but from my
    point of view, the above reasons are the most important once I consider make people to seek for higher education

  7. Michael!
    I can’t download this video. Could you upload somewhere and send me the link download through my email? I can’t use Internet regularly. Thanks.

  8. Duong Duc Hien

    Dear Michael,
    In the last minutues of this lession, you show a lot of preffixs and suffixes. Could you post those somewhere that i can download or send me through email

  9. Hi, Michael:

    I don’t see a link to download this video.

    I downloaded video from Voc. Lesson 1, there was no problem.

    Is there a link I can’t find or it doesn’t exist?

    Thank you,

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