Carlos is searching You Tube for a TOEFL course to help him improve.

Always interested in what is happening at You Yube, Carlos figured he’d look for another TOEFL course to help him reach his target score of 100+ on the exam.  He had already tried TestDen and had paid to get three months of access to four practice tests plus TOEFL Trainer.  However, he needed to pay extra for an additional pronunciation module that TestDen offered.  And the feedback from TestDen was very limited. He didn’t feel that the program was comprehensive enough to help him advance his English proficiency.  Two months before his access would expire, he abandoned the online course in search of something better.

While he was on You Tube one day, he came across a video in which a TOEFL iBT specialist was giving feedback to one of his online students who had just completed an independent speaking practice test.  During the video, the speaking mentor gave the student a score and evaluated the response in terms of delivery, grammar and language use, and topic development.  Finally, near the end of the 6 minute video, the TOEFL iBT specialist recommended six lessons that the student should review before taking her next independent speaking practice test.

Then Carlos thought to himself, “This is the type of feedback I will need if I want to score higher than 26 on the speaking section.”

Carlos looked below the video to find out more information and noticed there was a link called  More curious than ever, Carlos clicked on the link to find out more information about a TOEFL Course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.”  According to what he read, this TOEFL course offered more than 170 hours of lessons and practice tests to help him improve his vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking.  More than just a bunch of practice tests, this comprehensive course would improve his academic English proficiency so that he could use English proficiently not just for the TOEFL iBT but for business, academic, and professional situations.  Carlos also liked that the pronunciation module, which offered more than 50 hours of instruction plus two pre-tests and a post-test with feedback allocated from a MA TESOL language specialist with more than 18 years of experience, was included in the course at no additional charge.

Carlos also liked that there were only a few simple steps that he needed to take before he would be able to begin his new course: create a Pay Pal account, make his payment, receive a confirmation e-mail with his username and password, and start his course.


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