Interview with TOEFL iBT Student Begum


Begum is taking her first university class in the United States; she is also one of my TOEFL iBT students.  During this interview, you will learn the challenges that she faces as she completes her coursework.  Most importantly, she explains how to overcome those challenges so you too can succeed when taking university courses in English. 

For more information, go here: (TOEFL iBT) (TOEFL iBT Speaking) (TOEFL iBT Writing) (TOEFL iBT Reading) (TOEFL iBT Listening)  (TOEFL iBT Pronunciation) (TOEFL iBT Grammar) (TOEFL iBT Vocabulary)


7 thoughts on “Interview with TOEFL iBT Student Begum”

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  4. Dear Michael

    Thanks for the video. The most alluring thing about you is your interest in your work: teaching English.

    Listening to some strategy that you and your student proposed could help me very much because they are real experiences that could be used by fresh men. Alexander Pope once said “Be not the first by whom the NEW are tried”; thus using other people experience is very good strategy.


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