15 thoughts on “TOEFL iBT Listening Practice Test”

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  2. is it always this tuff because the other web sites and all have much easier ones………..anyway the tuffer the better practice

  3. AND WHY LEARN LATIN???? I have been arguing with a soccer pal who wants to become a teacher of Latin!!! I told him not to waste his pupils’ time with Latin because English is the language of this world and no foreigners become real new potential conversation partners. 2nd foreign languages as an obligatory subject should be abolished and boycotted, but Marvin wants to wreck the nerves of his future pupils, shame on him!!!!

  4. @cesaryusuf
    hi, A good way to improve your chances in the toefl is to read, read read, just read anything you can get your hands on , especially newspapers. Good luck

  5. Help me where is “More info”. I’m new here and I can’t find the answers. Thanks a lot!

  6. salam alykum

    this sort of videos are very helpful for us(students) I am taking TOEFL test in the enar future I need to be prepare for it. I am not good at grammar section any tip to improve it?


  7. How Long is listening paragraph ?
    how many question from each paragraph are asked ?
    How long is the listening section in total ?

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