Are you looking for a TOEFL Speaking Mentor?

Are you looking for a TOEFL Speaking Mentor?

Looking for a TOEFL Speaking Mentor









A student who was looking for a TOEFL speaking mentor sent me an email.

Here is the email that the student sent me:

Dear Michael,

I am looking for a mentor for my TOEFL Speaking section. I have not taken the TOEFL before, but I intend to score 109+ in my TOEFL for my PhD program application. Can you please guide me on the appropriate program for this? Will the 30-day speaking bootcamp program help? If you let me know how the program works, it would be a great help.



I explained three benefits of my TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course.

In my email to the student, I explained three benefits of using my TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course.

1.  The student will be able to email me 60-seconds of speaking practice daily.  After listening to the practice test, I will explain to the student what delivery, language-use, and topic development issues he may be having Finally, I will recommend specific lessons to address the student’s weak points.

2. To address pronunciation problems, the student will complete three types of diagnostic tests:

  • Pronunciation pre-test for vowels and consonants
  • Pronunciation pre-test for syllable division and grammatical word endings, word stress, sentence rhythm, intonation, and thought groups and blending
  • Pronunciation post-test to access progress with delivery issues

3. The student will also have the additional option to book TOEFL Private Lessons. The student will schedule a virtual Zoom lesson. During that lesson, I will work on accent reduction and speaking fluency with the student.

Watch a YouTube video in which I explain the benefits of my TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course.

TOEFL speaking mentor Michael Buckhoff has the education and teaching background to help you score higher than 26 points, as you can learn more about here. In addition, watch the below video in which I answer a student’s question about my course:


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