TOEFL Max Score: Can you reach it?

The TOEFL max score is 120/120 points.  In addition, this score is based on the four sections of the test: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. A minimum of 0 and a maximum of 30 points is awarded for each section. Therefore, 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 = 120, the highest possible score that anyone can achieve.  Finally, the percentage of people reaching this score, as you can learn more about here, is indeed VERY rare.

TOEFL Max ScoreTOEFL Max Score

In the below video, a newscaster interviews a student who received perfect scores on the SAT and the TOEFL:



TOEFL Max Score: What does it mean to score 30/30 on the reading section?


Scoring perfectly on the reading section means that you are an advanced reader of conceptually dense reading passages. In fact, see the chart below from ETS which describes reading competencies of students at the advanced level:

TOEFL reading max score

To get practice to improve your reading score, check out TOEFL Resources. For example, these important lessons will introduce you to the reading question types and the strategies for answering them. In addition, you can complete practice exercises to measure your reading speed and comprehension.


What does it mean to score 30/30 on the listening section?


Similarly, a score of 30 on the listening section indicates an advanced level, as you can learn in the below listening competencies explained by ETS:


TOEFL listening max score


TOEFL listening resources will help you to learn the strategies and study habits to help you improve your comprehension of academic, conceptually-dense listening passages.


What does it mean to score 30/30 on the speaking section?


At this level, speakers reaching 30 points can speak on just about any topic without any limitations. In addition, when these speakers talk about academic topics, they are quite easy to understand.  See below descriptions from ETS on what it means to score 30 points on the speaking section:



TOEFL speaking resources will show you actual practice tests that have been scored by a qualified TOEFL speaking specialist.  In addition, you can learn all the tips and tricks you need to score 26.

What does it mean to score 30/30 on the writing section?


Students scoring 30 points are comfortable writing about a wide variety of familiar and academic topics.  Further, these students write on these topics clearly and confidently.  Moreover, ETS’s explains below in more detail what advanced writers are able to do:



TOEFL writing resources web page will help you lean how to write highly-developed, coherently organized, natural soundings, and grammatically corrects essays for both the independent and integrated writing tasks.

Services for a TOEFL Max Score


Although it is statistically not likely that you will score 120/120 on the TOEFL exam, a series of incredibly useful and inexpensive services will help you to improve your overall score and subtotal scores. Click on the link to learn more about each TOEFL service:

Good luck!

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