Oak Hills CA Agave: Buy one at a low price!

On this web page you can buy Oak Hills CA agave.

Oak Hills CA agave

Who should buy Oak Hills CA agave?

The seller is offering agaves at low prices to anyone in the High Desert (Oak Hills, Hesperia, Victorville….). If you want to purchase one of these beautiful, durable, and drought-resistant succulent plants, you must be willing to drive to East Oak Hills near Ranchero/Mariposa to pick up your plant.

Why should buy Oak Hills CA agave?

The seller offers these giant 30-inch tall (5-6 years old) plants at a 1/4 of the price of nurseries. For example, you can purchase an waste-high agave for only $100 or best offer. Or, you can purchase a baby 1-2 year agave plant for $5-10.  Only cash is accepted.

Why do you want an agave plant?

Having one of these durable plants in the High Desert offers several advantages.

  • Drought-tolerant: Agaves stores water from the sparse Mohave Desert rains in their leaves. Therefore, once your plant gets established, you will not need to water it.
  • Beautiful foliage: The bluish-green color of this plant will make it the focal point of your desert scape in the front or back yard. Eventually, your agave will grow to a height of 6 feet with an overall diameter of about 10 feet.  This is perfect for many yards in the High Desert which have .25 to 2.5+ acres.
  • Evergreen: Agave stay green all year long.  And, the hotter it gets, the more the agaves thrive!
  • Easy to care for: These plants flourish with at least 6 hours of sun each day. These eye-catching succulents adapt to almost any soil type.  Just make sure the soil has good drainage. Or, agaves will rot from getting too much water.

How do you buy an Oak Hills Agave?

  • Text seller at 760-662-3181 to express your interest in purchasing one of these plants.  Or, you can email seller at mbuckhoff@aol.com.
  • The best day to purchase your plant is Saturday.
  • When coming to purchase your plant, bring a 5 gallon bucket. The seller will dig your chosen agave out of the ground and place some of the dirt in your bucket.
  • Then you can take the agave home and transplant it into your yard.  Keep in mind the following tips:
  1. Water your transplanted agave 1/2 gallon once a day for the first week.
  2. Then water your agave 1/2 gallon once a week for 2-3 months.
  3. Finally, water your agave 1/2 gallon once a month during the summer months. Typically, after about five years, your plant will need little or no water.

For other low water plants, desert trees, fruit trees, shrubs, and flowers that will thrive in the High Desert of Southern California, follow the link to Oak Hills Nursery.

The seller looks forward to meeting you!










Michael Buckhoff, mbuckhoff@aol.com

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