Samjeh increased her TOEFL score from 66 to 87 in three months after using a TOEFL course.

Samjeh went to a restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky, and the time came for her to order her meal. She told the server that she wanted combination meal #13, complete with mashed potatoes, baby back ribs, and a vegetable medly. However, her broken English with barely intelligible pronunciation caused her to have to write down her order onto a napkin before the server could understand what she wanted to eat.  She was humiliated.

At that moment Samjeh realized that she needed to improve her English proficiency if she would be successful in communicating with native speakers in the United States. Samjeh also knew that her TOEFL score of 66 was not very high and would not be sufficient  in helping her to become a practicing pharmacist in the United States. How could she get her pharmacy license with such a low score?  How would her customers be able to understand her when they came to her drugstore to get their prescriptions filled? Something had to change.

For almost an entire day, Samjeh searched the Internet for a TOEFL course that not only would help her score high on the TOEFL iBT but also would help her to speak more clearly.  After a few hours of searching the Internet for online TOEFL instruction, she found a web site called, which advertised a TOEFL course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.”

Immediately, she realized that this course would help her in all the areas of improvement that she needed.  She subscribed to the course, and, after three months of study, she retook the TOEFL iBT and scored 87 points, which was an improvement  of 21 points.  Furthermore , she was so confident that she decided to attend the same restaurant where she was not able to communicate clearly with the server. This time she ordered her dinner flawlessly. Her being able to speak clearly to the non-native speakers at the restaurant brought tears to her eyes. All her English study at “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT” had finally paid off.

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