Mel gets a speaking score of 28

Mel gets a speaking score of 28 on TOEFL. It sounds so good to say those words. Mel was my TOEFL student for about 9 months.

Mel gets speaking score 28

Mel gets a speaking score of 28 after 9 months of studying 3-4 hours daily.

Below is the email that she sent me:

Hi Michael, Well it’s done ! I have received my results this night and I got : Reading 29, Listening 24, Writing 25 and finally … Speaking 28 !! I am more than happy, I’m thrilled, grateful of having you brought by some kind of magic on my path. I have worked intensively it’s true but you pushed me, you told me the truth since the beginning . Your exact words I remember them were ” it’s gonna be a tough road” and it was but I got the scores that I needed 106/130 overall and 28 in speaking ( I needed at least 83/120 overall and at least 26/30 on the speaking section ) because of having worked almost everyday, of having private courses every Friday with you and because of all the feedbacks you gave me every day I have succeeded in improving my language use, my pronunciation and God knows how I needed it ! Not only for the Toefl but for my future life in the US, for my future job. Your humanity, your kindness and your honesty are precious and helped me to keep up since last year. It took me 9 months to succeed but it was worth it and necessary. There’s always some kind of hidden reasons but we realize it after. I want to know to anyone struggling with TOEFL don’t give up because I’m French and as Michael told me since the beginning it is harder for French people to get a good score on the speaking section but instead of discouraging me it has given me some strength and determination. So if I succeed anyone can. Good luck to everyone, Michael thank you for everything you are an excellent teacher and coach, I will see you on zoom in our private lessons for the next step of course. So grateful and happy !!!!!!

Learn how Mel got her dream TOEFL score of 106: R =29, L=24, S=28, and W=25

Every student who scores high on the TOEFL exam has a story. In Mel’s case, over a 9-month period, she improved her speaking score from 22 to 28 points.  Watch the following video to learn how she did it:


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