Jiva uses an Online TOEFL Course to improve her academic English.

Jiya wanted to improve her English. Having spoken Bengali most or her life in India, Jiya only learned English only as a secondary language through her education at school. Thus wishing to improve her speaking and pronunciation in English, it’s assumed that Jiya searched for an Online TOEFL Course to develop her English skills. Correspondingly, she joined “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL IBT.”

To begin with, in Michael’s seven step system, Jiya now had the practice tests and exclusive lesson plans to help improve her English proficiency in regards to her speaking ability. For example, through Michael’s speaking section, Jiya completed various skill building exercises and practice tests which challenged her ability to answer academic questions in English. As a result, after many weeks Jiya steadily improved in these exercises and practice tests. Suitably, by equally reviewing the responses she received from IBT speaking specialists along with her exercises; Jiya ended up scoring 20/30 on TOEFL speaking section! Though Jiya had help from Michael’s pronunciation section as well.

By improving her fluency and pronunciation skills in English, Jiya was guided through Michael’s pronunciation section which allowed for her speaking skills to be easily improved. Given the task of completing the exercises were she needed to repeat a variety of vowel and consonant sounds, Jiya studied daily to improve her stress, intonation, and pausing of different words and phrases. Similarly, by completing integrated and independent skill-building tasks, Jiya improved in her speaking fluidity and pronunciation. Because of this, Jiya soon began developing understandable pronunciation skills in English.

Furthermore, by improving her academic proficiency in listening, reading, and writing as well, Jiya took full advantage of Michael’s course. In spite of her original intention of taking the course to improve her speaking skills, Jiya mentioned how she reviewed the other numerous practice tests and lesson plans with these other sections for further improvement. All said and done, Jiya developed her English proficiency exponentially from her original TOEFL score of sixty-one. Hence, Jiya ended up scoring with a total of seventy-seven out of one-hundred and twenty.

Jiya’s concluding comments to Michael were as follows:

“I feel like I accomplished my goal of improving my English. I am gaining the skills to communicate in English now with many natives.

Warmest regards,


Like Jiya, you too can commit to strengthening your communication in English by thinking out to enroll into Michael’s online toefl course when possible.


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