TOEFL Learning Style May Affect your score.

The TOEFL learning style that you possess will determine how effectively you will prepare for the TOEFL iBT.  The purpose of this blog post is to help you determine what type of TOEFL learning style you have. In addition, you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of that learning style.


TOEFL Learning Style: The problem solver


_____I examine all the parts of a task.

_____I comprehend things first before I attempt them.

_____I plan how I will approach a difficult task.

_____I like my tasks to be perfect.

_____ Total

TOEFL Learning Style: The explorer

TOEFL explorer learning style
TOEFL explorer learning style

_____Often, I find everything interesting.

_____I sometimes collect bits of information that is unrelated.

_____I concentrate on details, but I have difficulty remembering them.

_____It is hard for me to determine what is most or least relevant.

_____I look at the big picture instead of the details.


TOEFL Learning Style: The go-getter

TOEFL go-getter learning style
TOEFL go-getter learning style

_____I often start an activity before reading the instructions.

_____I use the trial-and-error method for problem solving.

_____I prefer to see someone else complete a task, and then I will try to do it myself.

_____I tend to take a lot of breaks when I study because I like to move around a lot.

_____I move to the next task or activity quickly.


TOEFL Learning Style: The dreamer

TOEFL dreamer learning style
TOEFL dreamer learning style

_____I like to use lots of pictures and arrows when I take notes.

_____I remember information better if I write it down.

_____I picture in my mind how I need to do things.

_____I work in quiet places without any distractions.

_____I often think a lot about topics that I study.


TOEFL Learning Style: Which learning style are you?

Put a check mark next to the characteristics that describe you.  Count the number of checks for each one.  Then read below to get an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each learning style.

TOEFL Learning Style: Analysis of the problem solver

Strengths:  You have good analytical, critical, organizational, and solution-oriented skills. For example, you may like completing the integrated writing task since it requires critical thinking and organizational skills.

Weaknesses:  You need to improve your creativity. For example, you may find it difficult to create new content for the independent writing and speaking tasks. Furthermore, these tasks require you to use your imagination, which may be hard for you to do. This learning style may cause you stress. Therefore,  you will need to learn how to control your anxiety.  In addition, you may have trouble working with others. Finally, you may not like risk-taking.

TOEFL Learning Style: Analysis of the explorer

Strengths:  You have a lot of knowledge. Also, you can see connections among things. Moreover, you are highly motivated and can come up with new ideas. To illustrate, you may like the independent writing and speaking tasks. These responses encourage you to come up with your own ideas; this is one of your strengths.

Weaknesses: You need to work on time management and priority setting.  In addition, you need to improve your analytical thinking. You may have some difficulty determining what is most or least important. For example, during the listening tasks on the TOEFL exam, you may have difficulty separating the essential from the non-essential ideas. Therefore, you may have difficulties with your note-taking.

TOEFL Learning Style: Analysis of the go-getter

Strengths: You like to get started quickly with your tasks.  Likewise, you complete your tasks quickly. Finally, you are strongly motivated to solve problems.

Weaknesses: You need to work on time planning and creative thinking. You also should consider alternatives to the problems you are solving.  In addition, you should focus on improving your concentration. Case in point, you may move through TOEFL reading passages too quickly without taking enough time to understand them.

TOEFL Learning Style: Analysis of the dreamer

Strengths:   You like to reflect on your learning. Further, you like to get to the essence of things. Moreover, you are good at picturing things in your mind before doing them. Finally, you are a creative thinker.

Weaknesses: You may need to improve your time management skills.  To clarify, you may have difficulty scheduling tasks that you need to do. Second, prioritizing may be difficult for you. Third, you may be easily distracted. Namely, at the TOEFL testing center, you may be distracted during the speaking section.  Others are recording their responses while you are recording yours. This extraneous noise may make it difficult for you to focus.

TOEFL Learning Style: Should you enroll in an online TOEFL course?

Think about the below questions:

_____Do you have enough money to pay a qualified TOEFL mentor $45 a month?

_____Do you want to get feedback after you complete a pronunciation, speaking, or writing practice test at no extra cost?

_____Do you mind if you do not see your accent reduction, speaking, or writing specialist face to face?

_____Do you mind if the audio or written feedback is sent to you about 24 hours after you complete a practice test?

_____Do you want to have unlimited access to STEALTH, which provides 700 lessons.  These lessons focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking?

_____Do you want to try before you buy these courses? In other words, all courses come with a 7-day money-back guarantee?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are ready to choose a course to help you finish the TOEFL so you can move on with your life.

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Good luck!

Michael Buckhoff,

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