Get your free gift of 1,700 TOEFL Vocabulary Words

Hello TOEFLer,

Do you want to improve your TOEFL reading, listening, speaking, and writing scores?  If you have answered yes, then you want to download my 1,700 TOEFL vocabulary list.

Simply sign in your E-mail and your name, and you will be directed to a download page at which you can instantly download the list.  This list has been downloaded 1000’s of times, and you, too, can have this list absolutely for free.

Download this list right now!

78 thoughts on “Get your free gift of 1,700 TOEFL Vocabulary Words”

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  4. AJ,

    Yes, watching movies is a very effective way to improve your listening comprehension abilities. In addition, try speaking and writing about the movies that you are watching, both of which will help you to improve your integrated speaking and integrated writing abilities.



  5. sir thankyou for giving me the right solutions that i have actually need…

    Sir, listening could be improve by watching hollywood movies or episodes instead of which you had suggested in the video???

  6. Sir i m preparing for the toefl….
    Can i prepare it without going to any tution classes???
    if yes?
    So would you please tell me how to prepare it sitting at home and can get better marks?

  7. Hi sir.
    first of all thank you for your vocabulary , sir My recent score was approximately 34 I’d like to get at least 85 points.

  8. Hi! i recently took toefl and i got an 88 score overall. I need to re-take the test to get a 26 in the speaking section. could you help me?

  9. Alina,

    Tell me more about your situation by answering the following questions:

    1. What is your most recent TOEFL score, including reading, listening, speaking, and writing subtotals?

    2. What target score do you want to get, including reading, listening, speaking, and writing subtotals?

    Answering these two questions will help me understand more about what type of study plan you should follow.



  10. One more question! I didn’t find the video about question in reading which is all the time in the end of a test. It based on the whole text, but we should include only main ideas. How we can distinguish all sentences if we didn’t read the whole passages?

  11. Hi, Michael! First of all I want to thank you for getting Vocabulary free of charge.
    I am going to take TOEFL in a couple of weeks and I need practice particularly reading. Which books would you recommend me? PS I have went through BARRON’S, Official Guide and free samples already.
    Looking forward to your answer.
    Thank you!

  12. Amjad,

    It is not realistic to try to score 80 in 30 days. You will need at least three months of study before you will be able to achieve that result. I recommend that you follow my 90-Day TOEFL Study Guide, which will give you the practice you need over an extended period of time so that you will be able to meaningfully improve your academic English language abilities and ultimately your TOEFL score.

    Here it is:

    Good luck,


  13. Hello Michael Buckhoff,

    I have taken a glance at your website, it seems helpful for me. I wanna get 95+ on toefl test , my result is less than 69 . I am wondering if that possible in two months ( to three month) using your course; which plan do you suggest to start with ? ; could you please let me see a sample of vocabulary list and do I need to print it or can I practice online ;
    last but not least how much is the course ? $35[ as shown in frequently asked questions guide] or $38 [which is shown on subscribtion payment page ?]

    Michael Buckhoff please reply to me quickly ; my next test is soon

  14. Hello Sir,

    I take the TOEFL exam and I got 61. I got in R 18, L 8, S 15 and W 21. I need to improve my skills in all sections, How can I get above 80 in one month? I can study so hard to raise my english skills.

  15. Hello,
    I started studying TOEFL two weeks ago
    and I am scared of the vocabulary because I am not a native speaker and they don’t speak English where I live, so I have to improve my English myself
    I tried to download these vocabulary but they wrote me “please enter valid email” . However, my email is valid !
    so how can I fix the problem ?

  16. Hello Michael!

    A month back i gave my TOEFL,from my performance i could do better in the rest, except writing..I lack writing skills to elaborate my essays..
    Please help me!

    Thanks in advance!

  17. Hi Michael,

    This is Nishan again disregard previous message, I am able to download the vocabulary list.
    FYI I am watching KCAL9 news everyday as well as listening BBC world news frequently.
    My listening really good be honest with you but some how when I was in the toefl test I couldn’t get a chance scored enough on listening, If did I already go thorough this hassle. Anyway, I started reading at least one hour per day since yesterday.
    Further I am going to register your 30day program next week and I believe you will help me to bump it my speaking score and listening I cannot rely much on reading and writing.
    I am reading may be my speed is not fast enough I no sure I can increased it within a month. Will see. I have to do everything while fulltime working and helping my family it is tough.

    Talk to you next week.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Hi Michael,

    This is Nishan back again.
    Thanks for your long reply and kind comments.
    I do noticed my writting issues especially master program I have to write so many reports.
    Anyway I am going to register you 30-days program starting from next week.
    Other thing I cannot download the 1700 vocabulary list.If you can email that list to me that would be great.

    Talk to you later.


  19. Hi Michael,

    This is nishan may you remember I spoke with you today morning.
    As I mentioned to you I being living and working in U.S.(LA) last seven years.
    I am back to college to pursue my masters degree which will help to achieve my career goals.
    As per University admission requirement I have to complete TOEFL ibt with score at least 80.The University(SJSU) allow me to took the courses while I am working on my TOEFL Since I have solid professional back ground.
    Anyway I took the test two times without take it seriously and messed up.I scored reading and listen really low I don’t know why even listen is not that hard to me.I know I should scored more than the outcome.I scored speaking high but not what I was expected, I did really good in speaking compare with toefl offcial matreials and I did follow their expected format.I was expected more than 25(I compared with TOEFL sample test materials).
    Following are my scores.

    January 2014

    Reading – 12
    Listening – 14
    Speaking – 23
    Writing – 19

    April 2014

    Reading – 17
    Listening – 18
    Speaking – 22
    Writing – 19

    I have confident(I am little worried now) ,I know I can do this but I need to learn some tricks to execute in the test.
    I am expecting personal guidness from you.If you can help me to overcome this trap it would be greatly appreciated.
    Other thing I cannot download the vocabulary list from this site,if you can email me that would be great.


  20. hello Dr, this is Mina! i am working on getting my pharmacy license and one of the tests that i have to take is the Toefl! ive taken it many times! this some of my scores, 29L-24S-26w-20r ,,, 28L-26s-25w,19r! i am wondering if u can help me! will be great! appreciate it!

  21. sir,

    In Reading 19, Listening 25, Speaking 25, Writing 21. I am unable to download 1,700 wordlist toefl vocabulary from free gift.

  22. Srikanth,

    What is your current TOEFL score, including subtotals in reading, listening, speaking, and writing?
    If you can provide me that information, I can suggest the best possible study plan for you.



  23. sir, I have exam next month. Need your help to get score of about 110. Doing practice since two month but in reading passage weak at insert text, infer and summary chart questions.

  24. Hi dear Michael,
    I am Merry, 29. I need Toefl ibt 80 for Master of science Electrical Engineering. But unfortunately I’ve gotten 51 ! R:12 L:7 S:17 W:15 .Usually I got 70-75 when I took the exam in home. Please let me know what I should do ,I am so sad and surprised with my score!


  25. hi i need to ask u a question i m preparing for my reading session these days …i score like 32 /39 on barrons software in reading section…do you thing i can do good on actual tofel paper in reading section?i need over all 79 marks out of 120….so how would i figure it out where i stand right now on ma reading session.i even gave tofel sample paper i got 12right out of 14…so what do u suggest how can i judge my self now that i will do good on actual tofel reading

  26. Hello!

    I am frustrated and just don’t know how to improve my writing on the TOFEL test. I took a English Replacement test, but I’ve never taken the TOFEL test. I plan to take a TOFEL test in the middle of NOVEMBER and my target scores are Reading 22, Listening, 22, Speaking, 26, and Writing 24. Obviously, I need your help to meet my goal on the TOFEL test. Please give me some ideas and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  27. Hi,
    I used to be your student for using your material to prepared myself for my university examination(toefl itp),but didn`t study anymore after finished it.Yesterday, I received my result and was not happy at all.It`s below my expectation and failed the exam(my university did not give any score but only show pass or fail.)Since your material is deep enough and I want to fight it again, this time, I want to prepare myself for toefl ibt(first time experience).I have experience in readind and indepentdent writting(in toefl itp) before, but listening, speaking, and intergate writing are not.I have apoximately 1 month and my desire score is only above 85.Score 85 for preparing 3-4 weeks is enough since I have only 3-4 hrs per day ? Which plan I have to take?

    Thank you.

  28. Hi,I am very lucky that find you. I took 3 times this test and scores are 60 65 65. I have one month to get 78. Please help me what can i do. Thank you

  29. Hi Micheal,

    I’ve just signed in and received an email to download this list. However, after clicking the link, it doesn’t give any response. I need your help. Thanks for your assistance.



  30. Hafed Almutawakel

    professor Michael Buckhoff I hope you can let me download the audio files of 1700 words for free . I have no visa card or Paypal account . I’m from Yemen i guess we have not reached this high technology. I hope i can pay more than the very low cost you have offer exponentially but i don’t know how . if you can’t allow me to download them for free , please tell me how to pay . What i have already benefited from your advice in your website really costs an arm and a leg but it is free for all visitors .


  31. i want to get 550 on toefl paper my last score was 476 and i was happy , i think i get 476 by lucky however ,
    i have one quistion
    if i understand the 1700 words , is this mean my score on toefl paper will increas?
    thank u very much

  32. Ramesh Tasgaonkar

    Hi Michael,
    Just now I have sent your subscription for the Toefl preparation course. Could you confirm and start the course asap.

    I have appeared for the Toefl several times but missing just by a few marks. I shall be taking the first test on Sept 9, 2011. I know cutting very short. I need your active help mainly in the Reading and Speaking sections.

    Waiting for your reply,
    Ramesh Tasgaonkar

  33. I found this brilliant. It has increased my TOEFL scores alot and thanks to this, I have just got a job in England

  34. Hello
    I can do Reading and Listening section well but I am weak in Writing and Speaking.
    I am unable to elaborate the thoughts for the essay. I cannot put it in writing.
    Please advice

    Thank you

  35. Great piece. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful info specifically the first part. I care for such information a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

  36. hi i guess i need ur help…i have just finished listening ur video on youtube..and i decided to ask help from u..:D

  37. Cheima:

    I have made some comments to you at You Tube:

    All the best to your high-scoring TOEFL success!

    Michael Buckhoff, founder of Better TOEFL Scores

    Hi Michael

    i want to improve my TOEFL score because i need to get Phd.But unfortunately, i found many problems in my way: how is the TOEFL’s strategy to study.

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