Kaz completes an essay in his Online TOEFL Course and scores 5.0/5.0 or 30/30 points.

After joining an Online TOEFL Course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” Kaz has been working hard to get ready for his upcoming TOEFL exam.  He has mowed through the vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, and reading sections of the course effortlessly.  On the other hand, he is taking more time during the writing and speaking sections of the course since these are his weaker sections of the test. Morever, Kaz wants to score higher than 26 and 24 on the speaking and writing sections of the exam.  Here is his latest writing practice test that he sent to his TOEFL iBT writing mentor Michael Buckhoff.

Writing Task: Advances in transportation and communication like the airplane and telephone have changed the way that nations interact with each other in a global society. Choose another technological innovation that you think is important. Give specific reason for your choice.


Today’s world is highly advanced and well equipped with latest technology in almost every field. Every day there is a new discovery or invention in science that is making our lives way easier today than yesterday. Apart of airplanes and telephones, Internet has also hit the society with enormous benefits. Moreover, with the development of computers and Internet humans have reached to another footstep of high-tech life. Through Internet people are nowadays more connected by an easiest and fastest means. Furthermore, it not only has influenced the business economy positively but also brought  a scientific access to education via online learning system.

Firstly, The Internet is one of the amazing technologies because it has made communication quicker and easier. People instead of writing letters can email each other, which only takes seconds to send. For example, in case to inform urgently someone a person does not need to send a telegram and then wait for the next 2-3 days so it can be delivered by the postal services. But now it only needs a simple click to the send icon after typing the message on computer.

Secondly, it has brought a lot of positive outcome to the business sector as well. An employee can arrange a client meeting online through internet access. Also, it provides the facility of conference calls so even a whole group can interact in the meeting. This has saved a lot of time from traveling and to be physically presenting at place instead it can be done by sitting on his office chair. This time can be consumed in another office work, which can raise the company’s profits.

Finally, Internet is a good education source too. Students can participate in the online courses and distant learning programs. This not only beneficial for the international students but also for local students, who are not able to acquire regular classes because of their work or taking care of the family. I, myself availed this opportunity when I had a baby and not able to leave her for the regular classes. At that time, the internet based course helped me in pursuing my real estate certification.

To sum up, in my view Internet is one of the biggest innovations of modern science for communication. As mentioned above, it has brought privilege of fast interaction, profitable economy and enhanced education system.

Of course, Michael was delighted to read one of his student’s essay, and he was taken back at the quality of the writing.  Being highly polished, displaying syntactic variety, having a coherent organization, exhibiting depth and complexity of thought, this raw gem will receive the perfect score even though it has a few minor errors.  “It does not get much better than this,” Michael thought.

Great job Kaz!

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