TOEFL Integrated Speaking Tip

Follow the TOEFL integrated speaking tip here to get a higher score.

TOEFL integrated speaking tip


TOEFL Integrated Speaking Tip: Take speaking practice tests from ETS.

First, make sure that you have improved your academic English to at least an advanced level. Then, you should begin completing practice tests. Educational Testing Service creates the TOEFL exam. Therefore, you should take practice tests from them.  For example, the integrated speaking practice test you will listen to is based on “The Official TOEFL iBT Tests,” Volume1, 4th Edition, Practice Test 1, Question 2.

TOEFL Integrated Speaking Tip: Write a script of your response BEFORE recording your speaking task.

Second, many of my online TOEFL students have received 30/30 pts on the speaking section. How did they do that?  Well, they wrote out their responses BEFORE they recorded them to send to me for grading.  Doing this has several advantages:

  • Clearer, highly intelligible deliveries
  • Better control over basic and advanced vocabulary and grammar
  • More coherent and developed responses

To illustrate, my student sent me his script to a TOEFL integrated speaking task:

According to the reading, the computer department is considering adding evening classes because the classes are so overcrowded these days that there are not enough computers available. The man is against the decision for the following reasons. First, he mentions that every student has something to do every night, such as jobs, families, clubs, and social events, which means students can’t attend evening classes. Secondly, when it comes to expenses, he feels that it costs much to hire more teachers and keep the building open at night. Instead, he suggests that the department should buy more computers, whose prices have decreased for the past few years. Moreover, there is enough room for more computers in the classrooms, which indicates that he thinks this is a viable option.

Record your voice as you practice reading the script.

Third, record your voice as you read the script as fluidly and as naturally as you can. Below is a student’s recording of the script that he wrote:


Email your script + audio recording to me for evaluation.

Finally, if you have joined my TOEFL Speaking and Writing Feedback Service, you should email me your script + audio recording. For instance, watch the below video to see the feedback I provided the student whose audio file I just posted above:


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