Example TOEFL Thesis

This web page will give you an example TOEFL thesis.  Being able to write a sharply-focused will help you to coherently organize your TOEFL independent writing task.

Example TOEFL Thesis


Last week I got a question from a colleague who also teaches TOEFL like I do.  Here is the email that he sent me:

Dear Michael,

I am writing with regard to your blog as I can see you are a competent person in the Toefl writing. I have been searching for some new approaches and structures regarding the independent essay recently, and I have encountered one very important aspect. I mean we support one main idea/hypothesis with several arguments. The only thing I am not sure is if it is a good idea to put this sentence at the end of the introduction:
 I feel this way for two/three reasons, which I will explore/discuss in the following essay.
I have never used it before, and now I’ve come across some suggestions. Could you give me your opinion?
The I feel this way for two/three reasons, which I will explore/discuss in the following essay.” example TOEFL thesis is an overused, unoriginal thesis. In fact, I have a free TOEFL writing practice test evaluation service.  Out of the 15-20 writing practice tests that I grade weekly, at least 5-7 of these essays use the “I feel this way for two/three reasons, which I will explore/discuss in the following essay.” You should not use this type of thesis. In fact, seeing other example TOEFL thesis statements will help you to improve your writing score. However, do not copy word for word thesis statement examples that you may come across.

Do not use memorized thesis statements.

The purpose of the TOEFL writing section is to see whether or not you are able to coherently write essays with adequate supporting details. In addition, the TOEFL iBT human raters are trained the read and score your writing. Furthermore, ETS uses e-Rater. E-rater is a software scoring engine that analyzes the linguistic features of your writing such as vocabulary level. It also looks at your sentence length, punctuation, grammar, and so on.  However your writing is scored, you should not use memorize any sentences from any web site.  Learn more on why you should not rely on TOEFL writing templates. Therefore, read this article I wrote: Avoid TOEFL Templates.

Practice writing an original example TOEFL thesis that is at least 20 words or more.

Now that you know that ETS is not testing your ability to memorize and use TOEFL writing templates, you should practice framing thesis statements. Your thesis statement should outline the topics of your body paragraphs. Take time to master your academic writing proficiency. Master the following lesson: TOEFL Thesis Statements.

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May the next TOEFL exam you take be your last!
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