Which TOEFL Study Guide Should You Choose

Succeed at Distance Learning from the Comfort of Your Home

If you are looking for a TOEFL study guide, you are probably considering one of two options to help you pass this course. The first option is to attend classes, ideally somewhere in the vicinity. The second option is one being taken by more and more people across the US today, and that is to go online and opt for remote studying instead.

According to information from the United States Distance Learning Association, distance learning (as it is also called) is just as effective in helping people learn as traditional classroom based learning. This is good news for all those who wish to learn a new topic, speak a new language or improve their skills in order to teach a topic to others.

Choosing the right course

The ideal home based course will not leave you on your own to muddle through at your own pace. Quite the opposite in fact – it will typically include feedback in various forms, including audio, video and written responses to questions and tasks that form part of the learning process. Indeed, in some cases people who are normally reticent in a classroom of their peers may find they learn faster and more effectively by taking an online course. It allows them to learn at their own pace and ensures they are not affected by shyness. The lessons can be read, digested and learned without fear of having to speak in front of a class.

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How to fit distance learning into your life

Be realistic: remember you have to find time to learn. It is best to create a timetable so you can work out when you have some free time available to study. If you can create a pattern you can stick to, you will find online learning from home much easier to succeed at.

Be aware of distractions too: if you know you will be interrupted at certain times of the day or night, avoid those times and settle for quieter times instead. If you know you work better first thing in the morning before other people you live with get up, study then. Alternatively choose another time and stick to that.

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Can you support the learning process in other ways as well?

Yes indeed you can. Every good online course will come with a selection of materials that will support the course you have chosen. For example the TOEFL course has questions, practice tests and pronunciation examples.

However, you can enhance the experience gained in any distance learning course by investing in other materials to help the learning process. US News reported in the past that having the right equipment to take the course is vital, and this can also apply to extra books and materials. Some courses provide lists of books to help you extend your knowledge, and you may find others that appeal to the course you are taking as well. It can work well to gain a wider knowledge of the subject you are learning. If you are studying a language online you can find information about the country or countries that speak the language you are learning, for example. Studying how a particular language is spoken by the people who use it as their first language can provide a fascinating insight into how it is used. This will elevate you from learning the basics to understanding it in more depth. In truth, when you take an online course you have a choice of whether you want to learn the mere basics or whether you want to put more effort in and achieve more than you ever thought you would.

Distance learning is ideal for learning all kinds of topics and passing all kinds of exams and tests. Even if you have never tried studying online before, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much more convenient these courses are when compared to the more traditional way of studying in a college or university. It isn’t ideal for everyone, but many people who could not otherwise attend college for one reason or another now have a real choice in front of them. If you are looking to study from home so you can pass your TOEFL course, this could be the best way to do it.


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