Practice TOEFL Learning Method

Do you want to practice a TOEFL learning method to improve your speaking and writing?  If you answered yes, then you should keep reading.

TOEFL learning method

Practice this TOEFL learning method for speaking.

Improving your speaking is tricky business. However, follow these tips if you want to score over 26.

1. Get your free TOEFL speaking practice evaluation so that you can find out what you speaking level is. Once you email your audio file to your TOEFL speaking mentor, he will explain delivery, language-use, and topic development problems that you may be having. In addition, he may even recommend a specific TOEFL course based on your performance.

2.  If your speaking is between 23-25 points, choose the world renown TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp course so that you can

For writing, practice this method.

1. You can score higher than 24 on the writing section. To work toward this goal, you should complete a free TOEFL writing evaluation to get your writing level.  At no cost, your TOEFL writing mentor will give you an estimated score. In additon, the TOEFL specialist may recommend a specific course to help you improve your writing proficiency.

2. If you score between 22-23 points on the writing practice test, you can join the ever-popular TOEFL Writing Boot Camp course. After joining this course, you will

  • Get error-correction videos of two writing practice tests that you complete. In these two videos, your TOEFL writing mentor will diagnose possible problems in the following areas: introduction formation; thesis and topic sentence creation; depth and complexity of thought; cohesion and coherence; and sentence structure, word choice, puntuation, and other grammar errors.
  • Complete 15 additional writing practice tests and receive scores so that you can continue to monitor your progress.

3.  In some cases, you may need more direct face-to-face instruction. Writing is a difficult skill to learn, and you may need more expert guidance to help your improve. Consequently, you can sign up for TOEFL Private Lessons in which you can

  • Meet with a TOEFL writing specialist with more than 30 years of teaching experience at California State University, San Bernardino.
  • Before your meeting, you will complete a writing practice test. During the meeting, your writing specialist will show you what changes you need to make in the essay so that you can get a perfect score of 30/30 points.
  • At the end of your meeting, your TOEFL writing specialist will recommend specific lessons in his online TOEFL course to help you improve.

Indeed, it is difficult for many students to get their required speaking and writing scores. However, choosing to get feedback, lessons, and instruction from a TOEFL language specialist may be just what you need to finish the TOEFL once and for all.


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