TOEFL Learning Method

A TOEFL learning method called S.T.E.A.L.T.H., “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT” will help you to reach your target score.

TOEFL learning method

Why is this TOEFL learning method different from other courses?

Several key differences make this TOEFL learning method different from many Online TOEFL Courses:

  • A focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking help you to improve your academic English.
  • You will get audio and written feedback every time you complete a speaking or writing practice test.
  • Unlike many online TOEFL courses, this TOEFL learning method does not just focus on test preparation; it helps you improve your English.
  • Extensive accent reduction practice helps you to speak naturally, fluently, and confidently.
  • The 1000’s of vocabulary words you see in the first section are recycled through the other six sections of the course; therefore, you will see the vocabulary words multiple times as you complete the vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections.

How will this support my TOEFL journey?

  • Based on your current score and target score, you will be able to choose among several TOEFL packages.
  • You receive email support 24/7/365 to answer any language-use or TOEFL preparation questions.
  • In addition to choosing an online TOEFL course, you will also have the opportunity to supplement your self-study course with TOEFL private lessons; in this case, you will meet face to face with a qualified TOEFL mentor using Skype.

Have other students used this learning method?

Even though you may not have heard of this method before, 1000’s of students have enrolled in one of several online TOEFL Courses that you can find here. Indeed, these courses have been available on the Internet since 2008.  In  fact, you can read testimonials of students who have used “STEALTH” to improve their target TOEFL scores.

Who is the master TOEFL teacher for this learning method?

Michael Buckhoff is the one who designed and wrote all the materials for this TOEFL learning method. In addition, he will be your master TOEFL teacher. Buckhoff’s vast experience as a TOEFL teacher and English professor qualifies him immensely:

All of this experience makes Buckhoff and his teaching methods the most effective compilations of lessons and feedback that the Internet has ever seen.

Does this TOEFL learning method offer any free services?

Several free services are offered right now for this TOEFL learning method:

  • Free access to more than 800 vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking lessons: CLICK HERE
  • One free speaking test evaluation: CLICK HERE
  • One free writing practice test evaluation: CLICK HERE
  • Free 265 page vocabulary e-book: CLICK HERE

How do I join a TOEFL course that uses these TOEFL methods?

All the course offer money-back guarantees so you can get a refund if the course is not a good fit for you:

Find the course that is the right fit for you: CLICK HERE

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