Eventually, S. Serrano from Uruguay wants to score 110/120, so he will join an Online TOEFL Course to help him reach his goals.

When S. Serrano sets a goal, he shoots for the stars. For example, his English proficiency goal is to score higher than 110 on the TOEFL exam, so he wants to join an Online TOEFL Course.  His first crack at the TOEFL exam is on August 25, so, after finding an Online TOEFL Course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” he made the following comments to the founder, owner, and materials writer Michael Buckhoff:

Hi my Michael, how are you ?

So, i’m emailing you to show you my reality. The fact is that i have a exam on August 25th and i need minimal 80, in the worst hypothesis, 72. I’m not sure if i can do it, but will try.

That’s will be my first try and i don’t have exactly the responsability to reach the desired score at this opportunity. It’s more a test for me have a ideia of the exam. The exam “for true” will be in probably in January and my aim is reach 110+ and better than that : effectively enhance my english. I’m confident that i can do 110+ in six months of hard word with regular study.

My aim with this email is narrow our relation, because we probably will work together for a long period and i need the better of your guidance during this period, since i’m depositing my money and my confident in you and your course.

That’s it, Sr.

Thanks and regards from Uruguay,

Wow! Michael was impressed by Serrano’s resolve and was excited to have him as one of his students. Therefore, he sent the following video to S. Serrano so that he could learn more about Michael’s Online TOEFL Course:

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