Lourdes uses an Online TOEFL Course to improve her writing proficiency.

Lourdes is currently studying abroad in the USA. Having improved her writing organization, complex sentence formation, and writing proficiency with over one hundred of Michael’s skill-building writing exercises; Lourdes learned to optimize her writing skills such that she scored 26 on the writing section of the TOEFL iBT. With credit to Michael’s Online TOEFL Course: “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” his course contains clickable links directing students to different grammar and writing parts, all of which are designed to help students potentially score 24 points or higher. In addition, with various independent and integrated writing lessons and practice tests, Lourdes developed necessary integrated and independent writing skills needed for TOEFL.

Reportedly, large sums of Michael’s students admit that they could not have passed the writing section without the guidance of Michael and his system; like Lourdes. Having 20 plus years of TOEFL teaching experience, Michael offers an extensive course of writing lesson plans to help students pass the writing section of the TOEFL iBT and improve one’s writing strengths and weaknesses.

Having accomplished a successful writing score, Lourdes reluctantly addressed her success to Michael before unsubscribing, which was as follows:

“Dear Sir,

After concentrating on my writing, guess what? I have got a writing score of 26 on TOEFL. I was surprised since I never taken TOEFL. You advice along my journey was of great help and I really liked working out the exercises on your grammar section, this help with regards to my punctuation skill. Now I’m going to focus in speaking since it’s lacking in proficiency.

Have a nice day, I’ll recommend your course to my friends as well! J

Lourdes”                                                                                                                                             .

When completing grammar lessons, Lourdes was able to evaluate her grammar competencies and have access to college level editing, grammar, and writing. Because of this, Lourdes learned about sentence variety, being more concise, and improving her overall punctuation. In addition with grammar exercises, Lourdes developed an understanding with essential grammar skills like: basic and advanced sentence structures, verb tenses, word forms, word choice, parallel structures, and so on. In the end,  Lourdes was becoming better acquaint you with the rigors of academic writing, better preparing her for the independent and integrated writing sections of the TOEFL iBT.

When completing writing lessons, Lourdes was able to target and improve her writing weaknesses in order to improve her writing proficiencies. Because of this, Lourdes gain competence in independent and integrated writing skills like: decoding the writing task, organizing a coherent response, and writing detailed developmental paragraphs. In addition, with writing exercise, Lourdes developed an understanding with essential writing skills like: purpose and audience, thesis statements, introductions, choosing an appropriate point of view, topic sentences, and transitions. In the end, because of this, Lourdes learned to minimize the frequency of her writing errors and inaccuracies when she wrote English; which accounted for her scoring 27 on the TOEFL iBT with having never taken the exam before.

Like Lourdes, focus and target you writing proficiencies with Michael’s writing system and develop the necessary writing skills needed to score high on the TOEFL iBT.


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