Hadir finishes her Online TOEFL Course, takes the TOEFL iBT, and scores 108/120, including 28/30 on the speaking section!

Four months ago, perhaps a lifetime now in her eyes, Hadir registered for an Online TOEFL Course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” Like most students, she was hopeful that she could reach her goals so that she could become a licensed pharmacist in the United States.

Right away she began completing vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, reading, listening, writing,  and speaking lessons.  As time went by, Hadir  also developed a regular routine of completing pronunciation, speaking, and writing practice tests and getting feedback from her TOEFL mentor Michael Buckhoff, who would not only score her practice tests, but would recommend specific lessons to help her improve.

Now four months later, Hadir, feeling much more prepared, took the TOEFL exam, after which she sent to Michael the following E-mail:

Hello Michael,

This is Hadir **********.I want to thank you for your beneficial website and the service you provide your students for a very reasonable price.
Thankfully, I scored on the TOEFl 108 with a 28 score on the speaking section which is a big step in my many steps to achieve success in the my field as a pharmacist.



Michael, as you can imagine, was joyous to get the good news about Hadir’s TOEFL score, for he knew how hard Hadir had worked to achieve her goals.  Upon hearing about her TOEFL score, Michael sent Hadir a You Tube video since he could not meet with his online student in person:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zivJQ3SdIO0


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