How many words for TOEFL integrated writing task?

“How many words for TOEFL integrated writing task?” many students wonder as they prepare for the TOEFL exam.  To answer this question, take a look at the TOEFL integrated writing rubric below:

How many words for TOEFL integrated writing task
How many words for TOEFL integrated writing task

Notice how the descriptors change from wholistic scores of 0 – 5.

How many words for TOEFL integrated task? Take a closer look at the descriptors for a score of 5.0.

TOEFL integrated writing rubric analysis

A closer look at a descriptor for a score of 5 reveals that you need to identify the most important information from the lecture. Then you must show how that information relates to similar information in the reading passage. Therefore, this information should be presented in an organized and accurate manner.

How many words for TOEFL integrated task?  Watch this mock TOEFL integrated writing practice test

As you can see, the reading passage explains three commonly held misconceptions about older workers. However, the lecture explains why these three misconceptions are falsely held beliefs. To fully develop this topic, you need to…

  • Connect reading point 1 with listening point 1.
  • Show the connection between reading 2 and listening point 2.
  • Explain reading point 3 and listening point 3.

Below is a sample essay based on the most important points in the reading and listening passages that you saw in the TOEFL mock integrated writing practice test.

Writing prompt: How does the information in the lecture cast doubt on the information in the reading passage?

How many words for TOEFL integrated task? Model essay

To get the answer to “How many words for TOEFL integrated writing?”, read this model essay:

The article defines a disabled person as a person who has physical or mental impairments that prevent him/her from doing a normal activity and provides three misconceptions that society holds toward these people. In addition, the professor explains why these misconceptions mentioned in the reading passage are falsely held beliefs.

First, the article claims that society looks toward the disabled as sick or as having mental and health illnesses. On the other hand, the lecture refutes this point by saying that the disabled are not sick. Even though these people have additional needs such as visual or hearing impairments, these limitations do not mean they are sick.

Second, the article states that society sees the disabled as people who have poor quality of lives. In other words, according to the speaker, disabled people usually do not have jobs, are uneducated, and live in shabby homes. Conversely, the professor contends this idea by stating that disabled people do not have poor lives. Rather, these people, according to the professor, can do most of what able-bodied people can do, especially since advanced technology can assist them. For example, according to the speaker, technology such as audio-books and interpreters help the blind and the deaf get better access to higher educations.

Third, the reading states that the society is inspired by disabled people since, for example, wheel chair bound individuals are able to go everywhere using their wheelchairs. However, the professor explains that disabled people like to be seen as normal, and they just want to live happy lives like everyone else. For instance, some disabled people like to race like bicyclists, so they consider themselves athletes without any physical limitations.

Therefore, the lecture clearly disagrees with the misconceptions mentioned in the reading passage.

How many words for TOEFL integrated task?

Therefore, How many words for TOEFL integrated writing? There is no exact number of how many words you should write. The above TOEFL integrated writing practice test is 295 words. To get the highest possible score, I recommend that you write 250-350 words. It is not easy to do this in 20 minutes. However, if you practice, you can reach this word length recommendation.

Good luck!

Michael Buckhoff,

4 thoughts on “How many words for TOEFL integrated writing task?”

  1. Hi Michael. I’m from Tajikistan and had an exam on the 5th of June in 2021. I wrote 270 words for the integrated task and 401 words for the independent. Is these words enough to take 22 on this section? Or it should to be higher than 270 and 401.

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