TOEFL Transition Sentence Practice

This blog post will give you TOEFL transition sentence practice.

TOEFL transition sentence practice






What is a TOEFL transition sentence?

In a TOEFL transition sentence, you refer to an idea previously mentioned. Then, in the same sentence, you introduce the new topic of the paragraph. To illustrate, let’s say you mentioned that cell phones have educational benefits. Moreover, in the next paragraph, you want to mention that these communication devices have safety benefits. Your transition sentence will look like this:

  • In addition to their educational value, cell phones provide safety to users who may have emergency situations.

I placed the previous topic in a prepositional phrase, thus making it a support idea. Furthermore, I put the new topic in an independent clause to frame the new topic, which is the main idea.

Why should I use transition sentences?

Several benefits should motivate you to have more TOEFL Transition Sentence Practice:

  • Improved sentence variety since transition sentences are typically longer
  • Better coherence with the response since you are improving the connection of ideas
  • Higher scores on the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL iBT

Can you show me some examples of transition sentences using various sentence styles?

Take a look at several sentence styles that you can use as TOEFL transition sentences:

  1. In addition to + noun, subject + verb: In addition to children who learn a language by imitating, children, according to the author, can also learn by being corrected when using the wrong forms and by being praised when speaking correctly.
  2. Like + noun + who adjective clause, subject + verb: Like children who may learn through imitating the language their caregivers use, these curious youngsters may also learn languages by being corrected or praised when using the incorrect or correct forms.
  3. Similar to + noun, subject + verb: Similar to exercise, music may also reduce my stress since listening to it may cause my body to produce endorphin hormones in my body that bring me pleasure, peace, and comfort.
  4. While + subject + verb, subject + verb: While both artists and scientists contribute to our civilization, scientists improve our technology so that we can better treat diseases like cancer.
  5. Despite + noun, subject + verb: Despite the convenience of living on campus by being close to campus facilities, living off campus has the advantage of independent living.
  6. Aside from + noun, subject + verb: Aside from the benefit of burning hundreds of calories per hour, running also eases anxiety and depression because of the chemicals released into the brain after a challenging workout

TOEFL Transition Sentence Practice


  • In each exercise, carefully read the topic of the two body paragraphs.
  • Based on that information, create a transition sentence tying the two paragraphs together.
  • Click on “Read More” to see a transition sentence example.


  • The first body paragraph discusses that studying alone is more beneficial because this method has fewer distractions.
  • The second body paragraph contends that studying alone may be difficult since you will not be able to discuss the course content with your classmates.
Even though studying alone has fewer distractions, this study method does not allow me to ask questions to my classmates when I need to better understand certain course concepts.


  • The first body paragraph explains that dinosaurs may have been killed due to global warming, according to an author, which made the male species sterile.
  • The second body paragraph adds to the idea by explaining that dinosaurs may have died out in massive numbers because they ate toxic plants, asserts the author in the reading passage.
In addition to the male dinosaurs becoming sterile because of global warming, according to the author in the reading passage, dinosaurs may have died out after having eaten toxic plants.


  • The first body paragraph explains that electric vehicles do not have a lot of moving parts to be replaced, asserts the author.
  • The second body paragraph observes that EV’s have a driving range of 300-400 miles before needing to be recharged, claims the author.
Aside from not having a lot of moving parts that need to be maintained, EV’s have a driving range up to 400 miles before needing to be recharged.


  • The first body paragraph explains that American football is the most lucrative professional sport in the United States.
  • The second body paragraph notes that soccer (association football) is the most profitable professional sport in the world.
While American football makes more money than any other professional United States’ sport, soccer produces more revenue on a worldwide scale.


  • In the first paragraph, it is learned that the Sierra Nevada mountain range was formed by a large earthquake in which opposite tectonic plates collided. 
  • The second paragraph explains that the Rocky Mountains were also formed by earthquake activity many years ago.

Like the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the Rocky Mountains were formed by earthquake activity a long time ago.


  • Most storms that dump torrential rain in California, the first paragraph explains, are atmospheric rivers coming from the warm waters by Hawaii.
  • In the second paragraph, the author explains that other rain storms hitting California come from low-pressure centers originating in the cold waters off the coast of Alaska.
Aside from getting heavy rain from atmospheric rivers coming fro Hawaii, California can also get heavy rain from low-pressure centers off the coast of Alaska.


  • The first paragraph explains that many TOEFL students regularly take TPO reading, listening, speaking, and writing practice tests so that they can score higher.
  • The second paragraph points out that these students may not significantly improve their English proficiency skills.
Despite regularly taking TPO reading, listening, speaking, and writing practice tests to score higher, these students may not significantly improve their English proficiency skills.


  • An apex North American predator, Grizzly Bears abundantly roam many areas of Canada, asserts the author in the first paragraph.
  • In the second paragraph, it is learned that Mountains Lions are predators in Canada that can run up to 50 MPH when they are running down their prey.
In addition to Grizzly Bears, a North American apex predator located in Canada, Mountain Lions are Canadian predators that can run up to 50 MPH when chasing their prey. 


  • Paragraph one mentions that Wyoming, a sparsely populated state, has legendary winters with more than 100 inches of snowfall.
  • Montana, according to paragraph two, is one of the least populated states in the United States with tons of snow during the winter.

Similar to Wyoming, Montana is a sparsely populated state and has enormous amounts of snow during the winter.


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