TOEFL and Coronavirus

You may be concerned about both the TOEFL and the coronavirus. This web page will give you some options that can help you complete your TOEFL journey without having your life disrupted by this dangerous pathogen.

TOEFL and coronavirus

TOEFL and Coronavirus:  Will my TOEFL test be postponed?

Educational Testing Service (EST) may postpone your exam. The coronavirus has now been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Therefore, it is possible that your TOEFL exam could be postponed while the world makes every possible effort to contain this deadly virus.  Here are the different regions that you may be in:

  • Americas
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Asia Pacific

To find out if your TOEFL exam is postponed, you should go to ETS’s web site:

TOEFL and Coronavirus: How do I complete my studies safely?

In my areas of the United States, universities are transitioning to having their courses online. Similarly, it could be risky for you to study TOEFL in a class with other students. Therefore, to help you complete your TOEFL studies, you should consider using an online TOEFL course which has several advantages:

  • You will be able to complete your TOEFL studies completely online without having to have physical contact with other students or with your TOEFL mentor.
  •  Online TOEFL courses cost 1/30th of what you will have to pay if you attend a TOEFL cram school.
  • You will be able to get speaking, pronunciation, and writing feedback as you complete the lessons in your online TOEFL course.
  • You will have email support 24/7/365 whenever you have questions or concerns.
  • In addition to having a comprehensive self-study online TOEFL course, you will also have the option of purchasing additional TOEFL skype lessons to supplement your self-study.

Choose a course that fits your current English language abilities and your target score and subtotal scores: CLICK HERE

I will be very happy to help you reach your target TOEFL score and to keep you safe from the coronavirus!

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