Ten Useful TOEFL Words

These ten useful TOEFL words will help you to elevate your vocabulary.

Ten Useful TOEFL Words







Why should I use these words?

The words you will learn in this blog post are two or three syllable words. In addition, these words are higher-level words that will help you to

  • use more advanced vocabulary during the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL exam.
  • score higher in the language-use categories of the TOEFL speaking and writing rubrics.

What are the first five words that I should use?

The first five words you should be using are belongings, proceedings, splendid, downcast, and undersized.  Do not use the words that are crossed out.

1.  Finally, I have taken my things belongings to my new dorm.

2. The stuff proceedings in the meeting lasted more than two hours.

3. My TOEFL mentor was a good splendid help to when while I was completing my speaking and writing practice tests.

4. Missing his TOEFL speaking subtotal score by one point, Lucena had a bad downcast day.

5. If I eat small undersized portions and if I exercise five times a week for about 45 minutes at a time, I can lose weight.

Do you have five other precise words that I can use during the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL exam?

The other five words you should use are plethora, perplexed, exasperated, ecstatic, and astute.

6. A lot plethora of books are piled onto the bookshelves by the wall.

7. The confused perplexed students didn’t understand why they could not reinstate their TOEFL scores.

8. Having had their flights canceled indefinitely, the angry exasperated passengers asked for refunds.

9. Upon learning that she had scored 117 on the TOEFL exam, Lu Chen was so happy ecstatic that she cried.

10.  The professor made an smart astute observation that climate change can be altered by the production of safe-operating hydrogen fuel-burning engines.

Find opportunities to use these Ten Useful TOEFL Words as you complete your TPO writing and speaking practice.

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